Glory (Hallelujah) Days: “When They Were Sinners”

Pink Visual has released “When They Were Sinners,” a compilation of scenes featuring actresses who have since given up their Lucite heels for Jesus. And people say that porn is out of ideas.

This is the best series concept since the poignant and evocative “She Is Half My Age” and “Crack Whore Confessions.” But, unlike the other two, there is a finite amount of porn-again Christians.

Unfortunately, there is no context for the scenes beyond the boxcover. No extra effort was made to  elaborate on the conversions of stars Hayley Jade, Erin Moore, Becca Bratt, Nadia Styles, and Michelle Avanti (many of whom were coaxed out of the industry by former performer-turned-anti-porn evangelist Shelley Lubben).

Pink Visual could have done a lot more to add value to these scenes, the way Jim Powers does with the “Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes” series.

For example, Michelle Avanti is doubly-penetrated in an exact replica of St. Peter’s crucifixion. And a freeze frame of Erin Moore contemplating Sledge Hammer’s penis makes her look like Sauyl on the road to Damascus.

While we can read into these scenes all we’d like, the best indication of why she left the business comes from some behind the scenes footage of Nadia Styles, whose scene partner grabs the shower before her, despite having just come on her face. That lack of chivalry is rarely seeen in the porn world, and he calls her a “white girl” to boot.

Without a shower, no wonder she had to go and get baptized.

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  1. Goldenfang, that IS Nadia Styles (with Our Lord). I misinterpreted your original question. I’m just assuming it is Styles on the cover of the movie as well.

    I took all the pictures from screen captures and added Jesus to the banner version.

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