Danielle Stewart’s Road from Drunkenness And Promiscuity to the AVN Awards

Danielle Stewart Gram Ponante podcast

Gram talks with AVN Awards host Danielle Stewart about cramming for one’s first porn awards show.

Danielle Stewart porn valley observed ponante

Hosting the AVN Awards show is a balancing act, and when Danielle Stewart did it this year (with porn co-hosts Alexis Texas and Tommy Pistol), she brought a thoughtfulness and grace to her dick jokes that AVN audiences had not seen in their hosts before.

Danielle Stewart Gram Ponante podcast

Shortly after I talked with Danielle Stewart, she became absolutely the best host of the AVN Awards in my personal 10-year history of attending (not because of our talk — maybe even despite it).

Danielle Stewart Gram Ponante podcast

Most comedians just don’t know how to walk the line between the audience at home and the one at whatever Vegas casino convention center the awards are staged in. Either they watch too little porn and appear like an outsider or they watch too much porn and they come off as crass. Porn stars want to be seen as elegant and sophisticated. They don’t need to be reminded of their movie titles and what a cheap joke that is. It’s the same with porn consumers. So, knowing this, Danielle was fantastic.

Danielle Stewart Gram Ponante podcast

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