Gram saves steveporn’s credibility, party follows

Earlier this year I pointed out to my friends at Vivid-steve that Kimberly Kane’s upcoming movie, Triple Ecstacy, had one half of its title misspelled.

While I have lately been schooled in the philosophy that all mistakes are part of the rich fabric of experience, and therefore not really mistakes, I suggested the correct spelling at the time, just in case someone not as enlightened as I might happen along to dismiss the steveporn epic as not caring enough about the consumer to make a single pass through the most rudimentary QA.

Anyway, in gratefulness to me and in celebration of the release of the movie, Vivid-steve is holding a Triple Ecstasy party on Halloween night.

“We have an unlimited guest list for this event,” Vivid-steve honcho Eon McKai wrote in a spellchecked internal memo. “Please extend an invitation to those interested.”

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  1. doode
    plese cum backe allready so we can get on pushing things forward…come on here where my people get info and fill there head with deetals of this preenuminatted
    AVN moovie reeleese

    thenn, plese go away allready so we can get on with pushing things forward…

    PS: jus becuse I am alowing you to
    publize this reeleze party, sosnt meen you now what time it is, so don’t hit me up for screeners aney more.

    pSS: i allso reemoved you frum the vividalt and my perconnall myspace pagges, so dont evven go therre.

  2. I can’t believe they are still in business. Maybe if you go to the party you can pick up some of their office furniture for a few bucks.

  3. Kimberly Kane is the 2nd most vile female in porn today.

    Dana Dearmond has a good lock on the number 1 position. Someone needs to tell me how she got all those myspace friends. Do humans actually like her?
    How about canines?

  4. You’re so right, ??? (and say hello to the Mysterians for me); I bet Mark Twain could have done something good with the “Debbie” franchise, too, like a scene between Jim and Becky.

    I’m a horrible speller in informal communication, but poor spelling in public is not a sign of artistry but laziness. It’s like poor driving.

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