Happy Birthday, Radley Metzger

MB21-560x482(Many thanks to Steven Otero for hipping me to this news.)

metzger-jessica-photoRadley Metzger, who in 1975 gave the world “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” and “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann,” turns 84 on January 21. As Henry Paris, Metzger directed five porn films, each of which is considered a legitimate classic of Porn’s Golden Age.

I watched “Misty Beethoven” recently and it made me nostalgic for a time I never experienced. I have a lot of friends who are around the ages “Beethoven”‘s characters would be now, and watching that film gave me an idea of what they were like when they were younger.

Metzger is still around, and there is talk of a re-release of “Misty Beethoven” with his commentary.

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