Heard You Missed Us; We’re Hacked

Somehow this looks more pleasant

Somehow this looks more pleasant
Somehow this looks more pleasant

Early in January, and for the first time in the history of this site, I was hacked. I was just about to embark on several weeks of adult conventions and didn’t have the time to restore the site fully. For a while I worried that I had lost everything, because the hackers had attacked the database containing nine years of indisputably brilliant material.

As the weeks passed I felt rudderless. Representing Gamelink at the Adult Entertainment Expo and the XBiz360 conference, I couldn’t point to my site as an example of my work, and Gamelink’s Naked Truth remains, in its beta stage, difficult to find (though chock full of great material already).

Finally, after nearly three weeks away, I ripped apart Porn Valley Observed like a steaming piece of French bread and found the culprit corrupting code, restored my database, changed the password, and reinstalled WordPress. I also chose a more mobile-friendly theme (though desktop users don’t have as nice an experience as they did with the last site, I fear). I can finally start adding some of the stuff I’ve been saving up.

My traffic has taken a major hit in my absence, sadly, but the archive remains robust and is without question the single greatest accounting of life in Southern California — if not the world — in the 21st century. So there’s that.

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  1. Welcome back Grams. Thanks for putting the history back up.
    Am I right in thinking witty comments from readers have been lost? How much can a Koala bear?

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