Her Name Is Gizzelle, And That’s Probably No Accident

To watch Gizzelle de la Cruz, all 22 and Cuban, bruised flesh and braces, wearing a black cowboy hat, bursting out of her cheap but weapons-grade bra, is to be thankful for the state of Florida.

gizzelle9Because although de la Cruz clearly knows what she’s doing around men with cameras, there’s still something unpracticed in this scene from Reality Kings’ “Big Naturals 27.”

In fact, there’s something refreshingly unpracticed about the whole thing. Sure everyone looks like they could make the Porn Valley jump with little adjustment, but it also looks like they might also be holding down day jobs, too.

But in a sequence that makes the heart cry, de la Cruz’s partner is unable to get hard enough for the ripe beauty to pile-drive her. This says that these reality kings care enough about appearances to think pile-drivers are cool but lack the follow-through to adequately prepare for them.

You’d think someone as enticing as de la Cruz would be turgidifying enough, but that stuff takes skill.

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