“Here Cums the President”: Back when “BJ” stood for Baines Johnson

Because it is Presidents’ Week, I am remembering my visit to the set of “Here Cums the President,” an absolutely ridiculous and delightful megaporn in which chief executives Washington, Kennedy, Johnson (I said “Johnson”), Franklin Roosevelt, Nixon, and, of course, Bill Clinton (James Deen opposite Lisa Ann playing not Sarah Palin but Monica Lewinsky), re-enact presidential trysts both factual and apocryphal.

“Here Cums the President” was shot by director Ronald Raygun of the newly-minted Capital Entertainment Group (CEA) in October of 2010 and will be released by the 2012 elections. Porn in the USA, a website dedicated to CEA’s efforts, will launch in April.

Read the full story, including interviews and a gallery, here.

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  1. “nnewly-minted Capital Entertainment Group”
    I finally found a typo! They are rare creatures here, thankfully. Your site is generally far better written and proofread than many of the non-porn specialty news sites I visit, and for that, I salute you, sir.

  2. Thanks for alerting me to this! It is fixed. I’m a horrible typist. Give yourself some quality time with this site and you will doubtless find more. If you did a search on the word “yopur,” for example, you’d find my favorite typo of the second-person possessive.

  3. If I find further typos (and I have–I’ve been catching up on my reading here), shall I continue to post comments, or is there a more discrete way to bring them to your attention?

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