Hermetic pornographer to finger, poke you

Porn director Erica McLean, who for years has lived in hilltop isolation protected by little dogs and cavorting nudes, has launched a series of online presences to ensure she will never be seen in corporeal form again.

Having helmed several “Barely Legal”s as well as this spring’s excellent “Hardcore Circus,” McLean has opened accounts on social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace to interact with fans and get their suggestions for upcoming projects.

According to recent issues of adult trade publications AVN and XBiz, The Twitter is an excellent tool for maintaining brand exposure and keeping the wolves from the door, especially if you move the door to a much smaller building.

“What do you want to see?” said the Garbo-like McLean from behind a computer terminal, ready to coax the most titillating and graphic poses from fleshy vixens provided the public be kept as far away as an ethernet cable would allow.

Like a curious doe, McLean is poking her head into the same world of status updates and emoticons that her barely-legal proteges have been up to their tits in since 2005. And she likes it.

“I have my own vision of what I want to see on camera, but I like having multiple partners,” she said. “I enjoy having my vision take a different shape on the wings of someone else’s suggestion or insight.”

McLean is currently working on her own version of “Alice in Wonderland,” which is to Porn Valley in 2009 what killer asteroid movies were to Hollywood in 1998 (both Stormy Daniels and Sasha Grey have showed up as Alice this year, naked except for the socks).

So McLean’s collaborative Web 2.0 approach with fans might make her effort more democratic.

“It’s a great way for me to stay in touch with the people who watch my movies,” McLean said, not adding “at the same time keeping them far away.”

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  1. "I enjoy having my vision take a different shape on the wings of someone else’s suggestion or insight.”

    Cut to picture of Ron Jeremy on a 1980s-looking porn set. Perfect.

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