“Extreme Public Adventures”: The less porno, the more porno

There is something about the furtive put public nature of this fascinating video that makes shy women sexy and sexy women sexier.

I talked with director Marc Star, who puts naked women in public situations.

Gram: Talk about some close calls.

Marc Star: There have been two very close ones. First one occurred last summer. We were shooting Michelle Sweet in downtown Los Angeles, in the Artists District, where we pretty much felt we could get away with anything. But we should have been hip to the fact that the Artists District is getting gentrified. And when we passed by a newly converted office building with a big window into the reception area, the receptionist called the cops on us.

We didn’t know the fuzz was on its way, so we kept doing what we were doing. Michelle was basically wearing only a shirt and heels – and the shirt was wrapped around her waist like a belt. She was leaning against the building and playing with her pussy when the squad car pulled up. Luckily, Chief saw the cops before they saw us and Michelle adjusted what little clothes she had to make herself appear somewhat decent.

The cops threatened Michelle with downtown prison … but in retrospect, he was just giving her a hard time to teach us a lesson. He didn’t really want to book her. Instead he called his superior officer for advice, and apparently the word must have gotten out on the radio that a nearly naked chick was out on the street – because within a few minutes every squad car in the vicinity pulled up. Soon we had about ten cops standing around. When we saw two female cops approach, we pretty much thought we were screwed. But when we saw the big smiles on their faces, I knew things were going to work out alright.

The superior officer told us that since the plaintiff in the case (the receptionist who had called in the complaint) was nowhere to be found (it was just after 5pm, so she must have just gone home), there basically was no case to be had. And he said, the book says that in order for them to proceed they would have had to have been offended by what they say. “Personally, I’m not offended,” he told us, and then added that we should do this kind of stuff in private. We thanked the cops profusely and got the hell out of Dodge.

But we still had one more segment to shoot – the final masturbation of the day. Michelle was like, “You want me to keep shooting!?! No fucking way!” But we sweet talked her into it. We literally didn’t know where we were going to shoot it and just started driving back to Hollywood. On the way through Silverlake, we noticed an apartment building that looked like it had roof access. So we parked the car and Chief rang one of the apartment buzzers. When someone answered, he replied, “Fed Ex,” and …. voila … we got buzzed in. We headed to the roof and finished our day.

Then … last week, we were shooting a real hottie named Alektra Sky. She only does solo work, but we were fortunate enough that she let us grope her in public – which I think is a real coup, because I doubt there is any other footage out there with her in any boy/girl interaction. Anyway, we started our day doing a bikini photo shoot in Echo Park. Most of the photo shoot was just off of a busy thoroughfare by the park – and we were well secluded. But by the end of the shoot, Alektra was completely naked and we prodded her into walking back to the car completely naked – except for her heels. She didn’t want to … but we prodded … she conceded. And we got some pretty hot footage because the car was parked on a street that had a steady flow of traffic – including one cop that pulled up on us the moment Alektra got into the car.

The cop was stunned … and I don’t think she knew quite how to react (yes, a female cop). She said something to me, and I couldn’t quite make out what she said … but I bowed my head respectfully and told her we were leaving now. She flipped on her lights and yelled, “What if everybody did that!?!” I smiled, gave her a ‘thank you’ wave, got into the car and drove away .. praying the whole time that the cop was going to let it go.

Luckily, she did.

I’ll tell you … we’ve been extremely lucky. And both of those instances are learning experiences for us. We push the boundaries, sometimes too much, and those close calls serve as good warnings to us that we need to pull back a bit.

Gram: This is Teasers’ third season on the web, and a DVD just came out (see review below). What have you learned on the job?

Star: I’ve definitely learned a lot about doing Teasers the right way over the past 2-1/2 years. I started out shooting everything gonzo style … but now I’ve been mixing up the gonzo with a lot more voyeur style shooting. In fact, I almost limit the gonzo just to the cafe segments. The upskirt and secluded/masturbation segments I’ve been shooting from a distance – and I think that the girls are generally more comfortable with that … I think because it seems less “porno,” and since we’re out in public, the less “porno” I can make the girls feel, the more I can get a natural performance from them.

Gram: Not all women in porn are comfortable being that public.

Star: We do get a lot of girls who show up ready to be exhibitionists … but when we get out in public, they freeze. With every passing shoot, it seems Chief and I learn how to work better as a team .. and I think that teamwork helps put the girls at ease. And as we complete each segment, the girls who start off scared realize that it wasn’t actually that bad. As the day progresses and the girls realize how easy it is to actually get away with this stuff (it really is, for the most part. we usually get so much cooperation from cafe owners as well as the general public), by the end of the day the girls become so relaxed that even if we ask them to do the last segment – the ‘secluded’ masturbation – in a very public spot, even the scared ones pull off genuine orgasms. The days seem to end with more and more wet spots (on the ground and on the blue velvet ottoman that we take with us).

Gram: It’s important that you throw in some sort of Eagles reference now.

Star:  One of my favorite recent stories was when we were shooting Danica Dillan. We pulled up to the Sunset Grill on Sunset Boulevard (the one made famous in the Don Henley song – “Down at the Sunset Grill”). There are two sets of tables and chairs out front of the Sunset Grill, right on the Sunset Blvd sidewalk. The table I wanted was empty, but the other one had a few people sitting there. So as we sat down at our table, I looked behind me to see who we might be offending. And lo and behold, sitting right there was …

[Porn star] Anthony Hardwood. I know Anthony, so it was like … you gotta be kidding me. He introduces me to the person he’s sitting with … and it’s the owner of the Sunset Grill. So I ask him, do you mind if we shoot a little video interview. Then added, the girl’s clothes might kinda come off a bit. And the owner replied, “Of course! Just make sure you get the name Sunset Grill in there!”

After we were done shooting – which, by the way, they loved – the owner took me around to show me other places I could shoot if I wanted to come back another time.

We’ve been extremely lucky.

Studio: Teasers
Director: Marc Star
Starring: Elizabeth Darling, Rebecca Blue, April O’Neil

Elizabeth Darling, Rebecca Blue, and April O’Neil each becomes accessible in her own way, and in a way different from appearances in other porn movies, in Teasers’ “Extreme Public Adventures.” The audience becomes invested in a way unfamiliar to them: Will these naked girls get in trouble?

As Darling walked across a Porn Valley street to masturbate in the front yard of an apartment complex, bathed in the late afternoon sun and buzzed by passing traffic, I felt a real sense of danger unlike that which I feel on the worst porn sets; this was a woman who might just do anything.

Ditto when she sits outside, casually flashing, at a cafe on Ventura Boulevard. This is the sort of thing that might change the life of passersby.

Then she masturbates in front of the Hollywood sign, which takes some doing (I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but you can actually be shot, as well as viewed by anyone in possession of a telescope in the city of Los Angeles, in addition to student groups at the nearby Griffith Observatory).

In fact, “Extreme Public Adventures” is a great alternative travel guide to Los Angeles (I felt similarly about the late David Aaron Clark’s Koreatown-centric “Pure“). Not only does Darling make the Hollywood sign relevant again, but Rebecca Blue jills off by the side of the Los Angeles River.

And it’s not the L.A. River we saw in “Grease” or “Terminator 2,” but an L.A. River with actual water in it. And Blue-fluid.

Finally, the gangly and surgically incredible April O’Neil flashes at a cafe and masturbates in the stairway of what appears to be a Valley No-Tell Motel.

There is no penetration here, no lipstick lesbians, no gangbangs. Nothing that wouldn’t be described as vanilla on an enclosed set. But by taking this outdoors and putting it (literally) in front of real people, “Extreme Public Adventures” becomes really fun, and Darling, Blue, and O’Neil get thrilling clips for their reels.

Altogether this DVD, comprised of footage from the site TeasersVOD, delivers a great snapshot of L.A. and the type of people you might meet here if you just went outside.

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