I guess Sarah Vandella Looks 3D Enough Already

I didn’t quite get Ultra Magnum’s “Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D.” The 3D didn’t really pan out, and the story was unnecessarily complex. But that’s OK, because selected parts of Sarah Vandella meet the audience halfway.

3D porn is definitely the next big thing, but this uneven 3-scene movie-complete with two sets of red/blue glasses-didn’t really deliver. Maybe it was my monitor settings, maybe the room wasn’t dark enough, maybe my retinas got detached, but I just wasn’t feeling the 3D. Sorry, I tried.

But that doesn’t mean the movie was bad without the glasses. In fact, any opportunity to see Sarah Vandella, who has not not brightened any scene we’ve watched her in, is worthwhile. Here she orders a pizza but instead is tied up by her ex-boyfriend, returned from some covert op. Then they fuck.

Vandella’s contribution was shot in such a way that it looks like a scene from one movie got tacked onto another. That makes sense, as it’s never quite clear when she’s Zero Tolerance contract star Sara Sloane and when she’s not anymore. But if we’re going to be asked to turn our lights off and then put on glasses in the middle of a porn scene, it’s important to not cut from expectation of pizza delivery to gagging and bondage, especially if the movie’s first scene didn’t have a story.

Ultra Magnum is a new company distributed by Juicy Entertainment, and this movie, we learned from checking its website, received an almost-unprecedented 4 and 1/2 stars from AVN. So by all means don’t take our word that the movie could have used some improvement.

All i know is that i don’t want to have to wear more garments-even glasses- when she’s taking hers off.

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