I Know What Girls Like: “Sex in Venice” with Scarlett Revell

Scarlett Revell and her Dangerous Pasties
Scarlett Revell and her Dangerous Pasties

“Women are harder on other women because we don’t let them get away with the things a male director might,” Scarlett Revell is saying, having just completed filming “Sex in Venice” for Harmony Films. “The high possibility of someone wanting to fuck you can be like permission to misbehave.”

Revell was shepherding an ejaculation of porn stars (that is the collective term) through the streets and afloat the canals of Venice in April, watching the crowd react to women like Hennessy and Samantha Bentley move through the ancient city in the latex outfits of Atsuko Kudo.

“They were like Pied Pipers,” Revell says. “Tits out, people following them, photographing them. My mouth was open the whole time, because they just turned it on. Just to see them walking is so powerful.”

Revell was born in Brooklyn but lives in London. Concurrent with “Sex in Venice,” Harmony director Gazzman was shooting “Young Harlots in Venice” with much of the same cast. How was it different?

“Most of the girls think I’m talent when I walk in,” she shrugs. “I’m younger than the male directors, and I’m small, so that happens occasionally and I deal with it. I start bossing them around, they look confused, and then they get it.”


Besides bossing them around (“They also know that when I talk a lot during the scene, I’m not getting what I want,” Revell says. “but if I shut up they’re doing great”), Revell gains performers’ trust by caring deeply—and more than a man—about how they look.

“These Atsuko Kudo dresses are just beautiful, and the girls look so sexy in them,” Revell says, “but for the most part women have much higher standards for each other. I’ll sit down and go over every aspect of the costume to make sure that she looks as beautiful as she can. Because I’ve got to be turned on by it, too.

“I dress the girls like I would dress myself,” she continues. “I look at the earrings, the line of the stocking. If you saw one of my girls in a hotel I want guys to be stopped in their tracks. Like if you saw a model from a Vogue magazine who wasn’t anorexic.”


I ask to what degree women know that men are putty in their hands.

“The ones that know, know it really well,” Revell says. “And they know how to be sexy. They know how to walk, how to look at you.”

Is it manipulative?

“I’m not sure if that is always the case,” she says. “Sometimes it can be, but sometimes we manipulate you and we don’t even know we’re doing it. Plus”—and here she hesitates—”I know it’s not always conscious because now and then I’ll meet a woman in porn who just has no idea how to be sexy. There was a woman on one of our shoots—and I won’t say which one—who didn’t know how to wear high heels, didn’t make eye contact, didn’t ‘wear’ the clothes…a woman half as beautiful as she was would have been sexy as Fuck. So not all women can pull it off.”


I realize this is true of women and men. Looks matter. Looks matter deeply. But I think of the parade of stunning women on catwalks and porn sets, always in danger of being replaceable until they flip a switch and decide to turn on the magnet.

“As a porn performer, you have to be comfortable in your own skin,” Revell says. “You show every bit of yourself, even your soul. Anything you think is ugly, everyone’s seeing it. Sometimes a director has to be a therapist. I say that they’re beautiful and amazing. Some people are insecure—they have this amazing body people would kill for. But then they get in front of camera and they become a different person. And they even don’t know how that happens.”

Revell talks about the members of her cast who turned on the magnet.

“Samantha Bentley is so photogenic. You look at her and she’s quite delicate. But she likes being choked. Hennessy is a Russian goddess; beautiful breasts, nice ass, which is what I like. She’s the whole package. She was double penetrated. My jaw was on the floor. Mia was a 5’6 Hungarian girl, DPed. The way she took the cocks was amazing.”

Revell watches the work of other female directors for inspiration. She likes Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, Dana Vespoli, and Mason. I ask where female directors in porn have a pornographic advantage to men.

“I always make the girls look beautiful,” she says. “I treat them like princesses. I dress them from head to toe. I make them feel like celebrities. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes they think you’re trying to fool them. But I’m honest with my opinions.”

I tell Revell that I find certain imperfections sexy. Not goiters, but you know. I say it’s hard to convince women of this sometimes.

“Sometimes I find imperfection even more beautiful,” she says. “Maybe it sounds different coming from a girl.”

“Sex in Venice” will likely be out in August from Harmony Films.

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