Deported: On the Set of “I Love Em Latin 3”


I went to a “pickup” scene for Acid Rain’s I Love ‘Em Latin 3 the other day. A pickup scene occurs when a company has the location rented for one film but squeezes in a scene from a film that for whatever reason wasn’t completed before. Starring atop a pink couch in Encino were Jamie Elle and Jack Venice.

Acid Rain director Mitch Spinelli is Generation Two of a Porn Valley dynasty. He described his late father, Anthony, to XBiz’ Martin Murphy as “the D.W. Griffith of porn.” I hadn’t met him before.

Jamie Elle, 20, is not discernibly Latina. But she is also 5’2″, so I may have missed something, like a tiny sombrero. She says she’s from Denver, and I have never had better Mexican food than in Denver.


Venice is a beefy dude who approaches Elle’s funbags with the concentration of someone trying to walk heel-toe for a police officer. Luckily this is porn, so I guess that means the police officer is a brother in-law, and it doesn’t matter what Venice is on.

Spinelli uses the directing name Dan Dapper. He has a style that leaves little room for error, and in a gonzo film that is a good thing. He stood a few feet away from the talent and just fed lines and directions in a steady stream.

“Bend over like you’re tying your shoe. Look at me. Play with your nipples. Play with my nipples. Just kidding. Bend over like you’re tying your other shoe.”

I couldn’t stay long because, you see, my next destination was about to be engulfed in wildfires. But I like these pictures.

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