If Ryder Skye has you by the frenulum, watch your meringue

It isn’t my penis (mine isn’t so small and blue, nor does it fit in a notebook), but Ryder Skye recently drew a penis to illustrate what she was learning in her Human Sexuality and Women’s Studies programs at a local university.

Score one for the two-dimensional blue male patriarchy, I thought. Me and Dr. Osterman have these ladies coming and going.

Unlike porn performers who say they’re going to school, Skye is actually going to school. And she is learning that even schools at the center of the porn world are hazy on the subject of pornography.

“One of my instructors began a class with ‘We all know porn exploits women,'” Skye said.

Being a transplant to Los Angeles myself, I am sometimes surprised when I encounter people who don’t know much about the porn industry. I just assume every L.A. County resident has a friend, neighbor, or relative who was once a Vivid girl. But Skye says that the amount of misinformation about porn in academia is startling.

“We had a woman – kind of a bitter woman – who said ‘there is no such thing as real lesbian pornography’,” Skye said. “I can’t argue with a lot of what people say sometimes without outing myself.”

“And then someone said that she heard ’99 percent of the women in the porn industry had been molested or raped.’ Well, 99 percent of the women in America have been molested or raped.”

(This is a statistic that I have yet to verify.)

“‘…And I heard there was even a porn awards show,'” quoted Skye.

“Stupidity makes me hate humanity.”

It shouldn’t be surprising that, just as there is a new breed of porn-sniffing professors who treat the subject as a publishing platform for suspect theories (see “The Price of Pleasure“), that there are still professors who make damning statements without sampling the material.

And then there are the people who know Skye is a porn performer.

“I was in a nutrition class with this guy who made a meringue shaped like a penis,” Skye said. “He’s the type who waits for a reaction. This surprised me. How can you make a meringue penis?”

A common misperception of porn performers is that they live and breathe sex.

“I didn’t think it was possible to be pervy in nutrition class,” she said. “But I wasn’t surprised, either, when he found ‘Ryder Skye’ online and started texting me.”

Skye, who was also a dancer at Hollywood’s Cheetahs with former performer Layla Jade, wants to take her work in the sex industry, combine it with her schooling, and translate both into a career as a sex therapist when she leaves porn.

She darkens the triangle beneath the glans of the paper penis and tells me it is the frenulum. Jamye Waxman also told me this. Women can’t seem to stop telling me this.

With all this intimate knowledge of men’s secrets, I despair that the time of our hegemony over Earth is running out. I asked her if there was one area where my kind was still dominant.

“The highest rate of AIDS is in married heterosexual white men,” she said.

YES,” I said. “In your FACE.”

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  1. also remember that there have been liberal ass pro-porn academics as well for the past 20 years and that the next generation of academia will have had the Internet, a medium literally built on porn, and will not give two shits that people choose to masturbate

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