Inside/Outside: The Darkness within Joanna Angel

Peeking out of a moving box was “It’s Big, It’s Black, It’s Inside Joanna Angel,” in which Ms. Angel reunites with various parts of Mr. Marcus atop a roof designed like a chessboard. You could say she becomes his pawn.

Anyway, my mailman, who long ago stopped pretending that he didb’t know what I do, commented on it, as he examined a photo of Joanna Angel pinioned on something that looked like Cthulhu’s tentacle.

“Who do you suppose that’s aimed at?” he asked.

“Well,” I said, “Joanna Angel’s pussy and ass?”

“No,” the civil servant said, “who buys the big black guy/little white girl movies?”

“I don’t know,” I said as I handed him the DVD and he left, “but I will try to find out.

Moments later Joanna Angel stood before me, panting, a thin sheen of what I can only describe as me covering her head and neck. Then we both woke up, laughed, and we had this e-mail conversation:

“I looked through what web scenes [Burning Angel] had and saw we had four scenes lying around that consisted of black dudes with white girls,” Angel said, “and I was like.. oh… well if I shoot one more I can put out one of these ‘interracial’ movies all the kids are talking about these days.

“… and it’s been quite some time since I banged Mr. Marcus, so I should make that happen,” she said.

(Among Joanna Angel’s many talents is that she gives great interviews.)

“I get distributed through Vouyer Media and they have a line called ‘It’s Big, It’s Black, It’s Jack,’ {directed by Jack Napier) and he looks very sexy and confident and gangster on the cover and I decided I wanted to emulate him and follow in his footsteps,” Angel said.

“Plus, I have always wanted an excuse to write a rap song.”

Angel raps in a way that suggests Sir Mix-a-Lot got married to the Waitresses and begat Sarah Silverman.

“So to answer your question, this movie came to be because a) I’m a Jew and trying to make the most out of all my content, b) I wanted to be as cool as Jack Napier, c) writing a hip hop song was on my list of things to do before I die and, d) I missed Mr. Marcus’s penis.”

  • Buy “It’s Big, It’s Black, And It’s In Joanna Angel” (and listen to Angel’s dope rap stylings) here

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