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So many porn performers define themselves by how they are different from the general population—bigger, bustier, tinier, younger, crazier. Today I talk with the beautiful and intriguing Siri, who tops from the middle.

“I’m actually a little lighter than the national average,” Siri says. I don’t know what the national average is, but Siri reminds me of an Olive Garden waitress that I never want to stop refilling my salad.

Readers familiar with and envious of my hedonistic lifestyle know that seeing porn stars in their movies is the dubious but otherwise pleasant icing on the cake of my already knowing them personally. That is why I felt like a fan when I met Siri, whom I’d only seen in the New Sensations movie “Big Girls Are Sexy.”

I have reviewed movies for Fleshbot for several years, and it is a pleasant weekly task to select the most appealing, silly, weird, characteristic, or even sexy movies from among the palletloads I receive.

Siri in “Big Girls Are Sexy”

When I saw Siri on the cover, I assumed she was like many single-named European performers I’d never see again. She reminded me of the St. Pauli Girl, and I lamented once again nature’s cruel joke that made me dislike beer but love bar wenches.

I watched her scene and realized that not only was she American, but that I was out of the loop.

“Who is this Siri?” I asked my iPhone 4 with its Siri automated voice assistant, and it melted. (Siri the porn star pre-dated Siri the automated voice assistant, which is good, because we know what happened to the porn performer Samsung Galaxy.)

Not two weeks later I was throwing mojitos down my face at a house party in Studio City when Siri herself showed up, all 5’10”, Texan, and 24 years old of her.

She was with her amiable husband and business partner, Brad.

“I saw you in a movie,” I said, feeling like some dude in an alley. It was good my iPhone had melted, because I would have had someone take our picture with it. I’d be doing something like giving the finger to the camera and Siri would be looking pained. I’m glad that didn’t happen.

The first thing you notice about Siri is that she’s not a Size Zero Attention Vortex like everyone else at a given porn party; she’s just present. The second thing you notice is that her husband is there. Brad is very focused on the Siri brand without being a nudzh about it.

“We’re very up front about the fact that I’m married,” Siri says. “It’s something that the fans know and that I don’t keep secret.”

“When we go to lifestyle events,” Brad says, “she’s the first one naked saying ‘Who wants to fuck?’ Then a line forms.”

Siri and Brad met in Texas where she was a college student and he was a consultant (I asked Brad what kind of consulting her did, and he told me, and I will assure you that it is legit and that it has nothing to do with killing people or hiding cash offshore).

When I meet a younger pornstress with a slightly older man, and they tell me that they are from either Texas or Florida, I am never surprised when they also reveal that they are swingers. I think states like that create swingers because there are so few habitable places, and evolution cries out for some non-traditional mating rituals.

But I didn’t expect Siri to open with:

“I was at the tail-end of a 3-year lesbian relationship [and I] met Brad on OK Cupid.”

The following interview is with Siri and Brad, and covers the politics and geography of swinging, porn career trajectories, and why BBWs are nice, but how Siri is not one of them.

Gram: Is OK Cupid the Christian dating site?
Brad: No, that’s eHarmony.
Siri: OK Cupid is the vaguely debaucherous one.
Brad: [In our profiles] we made it clear we were non-monogamous.
Gram: And that’s what did it? You got a hit on “non-monogamous”?
Brad: No! Oddly enough, I wasn’t getting much luck until I’d widened my search to 250 miles, and then her picture came up.
Gram: What did it look like?
Siri: Neck up, no cleavage whatsoever.
Brad: No cleavage whatsoever.

On the coasts, the idea of searching for a relationship in a 250-mile radius is redolent of desperation. In Los Angeles, relationships are made or broken depending on what side of the 405 your intended lives on, and it doesn’t matter how pretty she is if she has a 909 area code and you’ve got a 310. But the wide open places of Texas breed possibility.

Gram: So you went from a lesbian relationship to hetero swinging? That seems like a big leap for a small town.
Siri: I was a fan of a lot of lesbian/queerporn websites like [Courtney Trouble’s] NoFauxxx.com and [Shine Louise Houston’s] Crashpad Series. I really like people like Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee. And there was an openness there that I liked.
Gram: As compared with a small college lesbian community deep in the heart of Texas?
Siri: Maybe.

At this point I was ready to assume that the impetus for Siri to get into porn was Brad’s; there just seemed to be a combination of predictable elements there—the age difference (he’s in his late 30s) topping the list. Nope.

“I told him right off that I wanted a career in the porn industry,” Siri says.

“And I said, ‘How can I help you make that happen?’” Brad says.

Gram: So you met online. What was your first face-to-face meeting like?

Brad: They were calling it The Snowpocalypse. Her school was closed. I said, “If you can’t go to work or go to school, I’m driving up.”
Siri: And I said, “Are you an idiot?”

It was February of 2011. Brad drove a couple of hundred miles through the mounting Texas snow like a smitten Dick Hallorann. They got a hotel room.

Brad: I saw her and I was like: “Breasts.”

Siri: We spent four days together. It was total immersion. We couldn’t drive anywhere to eat, so that first night we ate at an Olive Garden in the hotel parking lot. I’d never been to an Olive Garden!
Siri: I don’t know, but it had shrimp in it.
Gram: So when the shrimp glow fades and you reveal the news about your porny intentions, how much research had you done about the industry you wanted to be a part of?
Siri: At that point I didn’t know what I didn’t know—I wasn’t aware of what I now know as mainstream porn.
Brad: So we spent from April to June of 2011 researching the porn industry. And I said, “We need to be on the crest of a wave and go to AVN.”

In a whirl of summer swingers’ pool parties, Siri got some photographs taken and the couple made plans to go to AVN. They married in the fall.

Siri feels that attending January’s Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas (commonly known as “The AVNs” for its original sponsoring adult trade magazine, Adult Video News) was a good move.

Siri: I met a lot more people there on the floor of the Hard Rock than I would have going door to door in L.A.

After AVN, the couple moved to L.A., where Siri is now represented by L.A. Direct Models and has shot for Naughty America, New Sensations, Elegant Angel, Lethal Hardcore, and Rodney Moore as well as Score Magazine.

Gram: Let’s talk about the BBW label…
Brad: BBW is career suicide. People want to claim her for a category she doesn’t fit.
Siri: It’s not that BBWs themselves are bad! It just limits my choices…It’s true that I’m taller and curvier than regular porn girls, but I’m actually on the smaller size average for America.
Brad: Sometimes people are over-enthusiastic that Siri represents BBWs, when we think that is a different niche. We think of her more as the Christina Hendricks of Porn.

Christina Hendricks

“The Christina Hendricks of Porn” is a tagline the couple earnestly repeats. Joan Holloway, Hendricks’ curvy “Mad Men” character, is frank, admired, and in control.

Siri: I’m so glad Christina Hendricks is famous. But every week we get an email where someone says “Do you know you look like Christina Hendricks?”
Brad: Then there’s [DC Comics character] Power Girl…
Siri: Since I started in February, I get that question a lot, too. “Do you know you look like Power Girl?” Power Girl has blue eyes, I have brown eyes. That’s the difference. But who knew people who read comic books would also be into porn? [laughs]

DC’s Power Girl

Following their research, the couple built a game plan that would get Siri in front of as many people as possible without overexposing her, including an appearance at this month’s Adultcon in Los Angeles. Fear of oversaturation is also part of Team Siri’s decision not to do anal or interracial—yet.

Gram: What about visiting the CrashPad yourself?
Siri: I would dearly love to, but I’m not sure if I’m the right material for them. Maybe in a few years.

I wanted to revisit the idea of swinging and porn, which some may feel belong on the same side of a coin, but which is a lot more complex.

Gram: It seems like porn partnerships that end up not working are ones that don’t acknowledge jealousy. What is the difference between a swingers’ party and porn for you?
Brad: With a lifestyle event, I’m present. That is the significant thing. With porn, I have to leave her and give her over to other partners. Do I get sad occasionally that it’s not me? Yes. Jealousy is a fact of life. But jealousy is healthy.
Gram: That sounds almost wistful.
Brad: We don’t believe that human beings are naturally monogamous. We’re trained and shamed into monogamy against our natural desires. I don’t want to repress that desire in her.

Siri: But when one of my scenes comes out, it’s like Christmas.
Brad: We watch them together.
Siri: And the sex is amazing.

Siri was voted Best Newcomer of 2012 by the site Freeones. Visit her online at her site or in person at Adultcon LA from July 27-29.

  • Buy “Big Girls Are Sexy” here

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  1. Great post, Gram–thanks.

    Wow, she is smoking hot! I wish there were more girls with curves and beauty like that in porn. The BBW label gets applied so broadly–and so many of the titles and even entire studios that cater to it have such low production values–that I can understand why anyone would want to avoid that tag. Besides, I just don’t see her qualifying for “big.” Ubercurvy, maybe; Gram, you’re better suited to name the niche she rightly should occupy.

    Her iafd filmography with its paltry five titles almost depressed me until I realized they were all released this year: best newcomer of 2012 indeed!

  2. Siri has always been Great but why does she seem like the saddest Pornstar I have seen too! Is this after a certain movie she has just done? BUT. That’s none of business! As always she’s beautiful and I think if any actress could make it in straight movies it would be Siri! I think she’s that good! She should give it a try couldn’t hurt! Just a thought! Siri, U r one beautiful woman i havend seen in a long time! U just have that IT STAR written all over you! Anyway! Good luck with everything!!

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