It Is Not Heavy Ink That Calls Us; It Is Desire

This version of a 2009 Glamour magazine spread, photoshopped for the photo effects site Worth1000 by the artist TokerDaKilla, got people talking. But did they talk enough?

“Real women have curves—and tattoos,” wrote the validated LAWeekly’s Barbie Davenporte when she forwarded the image via Facebook. It was soon afterward that a commenter informed her it was photoshopped.

Here’s the original:

But if the original image (featuring the beautiful Crystal Renn, Amy Lemons, Ashley Graham, Kate Dillon, Anansa Sims, Jennie Runk, and Lizzie Miller) continued a conversation about body types in fashion magazines, and the altered photograph opened a dialogue about curvy women with tattoos—these women look like the rec room of the condo I rent during Bike Week—then what does this altered, altered composition say about heavy tattooed women who are into Cenobites, the abandoned Space Shuttle program, Greek yogurt distributed in America, and alpacas?


One thought on “It Is Not Heavy Ink That Calls Us; It Is Desire

  1. So I do read the articles, *but* the pictures always come first. Which led to this chain of thoughts:
    * Hey, that’s the hot blonde model from Lane Bryant…but she doesn’t have tattoos….
    * Hey, that’s the *super*-hot *brunette* model from Lane Bryant, but…wtf?!
    * Oh, it’s ‘Shopped.
    * …and, Gram one-upped the ‘Shop!

    Also: Gram, you made a direct link to a super-sized image hosted right on your site–makes me proud!

    Furthermore: re Lane Bryant catalog–hey, you gotta take your pics of model-gorgeous curvy girls where you can because we all know precious few of them show up in porn. I don’t get it, there are super-cute curvy-to-slightly-overweight girls all over the damn place, but disproportionately very few in porn: instead we get “BBWs” which generally, though not always, only (but really) fit the former B but not the latter. Damn shame. Gram, we need a catchy, sexy phrase for these uber-curvy *cuties* that we can then use to harass the studios and beg to see more of them…so whadda ya got?

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