It’s hard to be a pornsaint in the city

This collection of artful renderings of some of my personal favorite porn personalities has a daunting amount of theory behind it, which can either be a turnoff, a justification, or, well, just those two. Best to not read the manifesto attached.

Suffice to say that not since Bang Boat has there been a porn site with such a high concept.

Designed by the Florentine artist “Pornpope” Francesco D’Isa, Pornsaints has a five page mission statement that boils down to: “Well, they might as well be saints” because anything else is just as likely.

I have as much problem with people who beatify their art objects as those who debase (Khan Tusion) or infantilize (Bill Margold) them; it takes away the subject’s humanity.

Our issue as porn viewers/consumers has never been that we aren’t understanding porn subjects the right way, it’s that some people tell us how to understand a very personal, that is consumer, subject. In the end, it says more about the theorist than it says about us.

Regardless, Pornsaints is a well-crafted and thoughtful site, whether you agree with the thoughts behind it or not, and contains some interesting renderings of Casey Parker, Bella Vendetta, Mia Rose, Pinky Lee, and Lorelei Lee (pictured), among others.

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3 thoughts on “It’s hard to be a pornsaint in the city

  1. Thank you for your review Gram!

    Off course, we never argue that the pornsaints way to watch porn is the RIGHT way. We just offer a new interpretation. It’s just ironical-philosophical gossip. We don’t beatify our art, beatification is just a part of the artwork.

  2. This is a wonderful review, hopefully it will peak peoples attention.
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