Jack’s Teen America #23

Studio: Digital Playground
Director: Robby D
Cast: Stoya, Riley Steele, Emy Reyes, Ariel Summers, Angelina Valentine, Mick Blue, James Deen, Scott Nails, Erik Everhard

Hundreds of years ago, Digital Playground created the character of Jack, a faceless scoundrel who lured, tricked, cajoled, or didn’t really have to try too hard at all to get women to have sex in front of or with him. Jack’s name has gone on the box of dozens of gonzo movies, including the flagship “Jack’s Playground,” then “Jack’s Teen America,” “Jack’s POV,” and “Jack’s Asian Adventure.”

All of the titles are bright, fun, zippily edited, and quality controlled – viewers never get a sense that they’re in the hands of amateurs. They also don’t leave their computer screen with the idea that any porn star kept a stiff upper lip through the scene; Jack is nice.

So getting Jack’s backstory is not Priority One when dipping into the 23rd installment of the “Teen America” line. Just know that, for some reason, guys are in a room ostensibly to interview a woman and then she has sex with one of them.

For example, here’s Mick Blue as a sound guy. Angelina Valentine is the roommate of some starlet who never appears. Mick is telling Jack he can’t wait any longer for the starlet, that he must leave to pick up his parents at the airport. Angelina tries to stall them. Jack and Mick talk about leaving. Angelina leaves the room. She reappears in a stripper outfit, explains she used to be a dancer, and lets Jack and Mick feel her boobs.

Me, I would have cut straight to the boobs; everything else was just confusing. In fact, one look at Angelina Valentine and any living thing would have cut straight to the boobs. Porn desensitizes us all.

But we do finally adjourn to a bed where everything we need Angelina Valentine to do, she does.

Ditto Ariel Summers’ scene. The pale girl next door is the roommate of another woman who is only referred to but never appears. James Deen is the sound guy who doesn’t have all the necessary gadgets. They have sex regardless – and its great! Excellent shot-on-HD gonzo porn with deep colors in natural light with no blurring. But there’s too much plot!

Next we meet Riley Steele. Riley – and I’m sure this has been said before – is of the Jesse Jane mold of starlet. Once a little juicier, now Steele is quite thin and is the sum of all the mannerisms that sell porn DVDs: a little girl voice, parted lips, a knowing look at the camera, the impression that she will do anything and not be phased by it. She really looks like a pro.

By contrast, Honduran Emy Reyes’ scene, shot in a bar, owes less to the formula and more to spontaneity. Reyes shows a lot of personality and she gets naked as fast as if this were an old-tymey “Midnight Prowl.” This is a scene with a lot of character.

Finally, and justifying the conceit of the rest of the movie, Scott Nails and Stoya tear it up. She appears in her “Nurses” candy striper outfit and, though her voice is just a little more affected for the purpose of the scene, her personality shines through. These last two scenes with Reyes and Stoya give the impression that everything is going to be fine.

So if you think the setup is convoluted and meandering to the point rather than rushing right in, give “Jack” a break; he’s been doing this for a long time, but he always gets the girls to do what he wants.

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