James Deen reveals himself to Canadians on podcast

Here’s where it’s difficult being a porn star: Most everyone else caught in an Internet whirlwind has a team of handlers guarding the things they say, “leaking” positive tidbits to press, staging photo opportunities, and cleaning up after meltdowns. While James Deen does have a publicist, an informative and entertaining podcast at WoodRocket.com reveals his unwillingness to manufacture fame.

“I don’t like this tabloid-press-lie-thing,” Deen tells Canadian immigrants Lee Roy Myers and Seth’s Beard. “I’m not going to participate in this behavior.”

A respected performer long before attachments to Lindsay Lohan and Farrah Abraham made Deen’s a porn name that people who didn’t watch porn knew about, his experiences with “The Canyons” and, more recently, “Backdoor Teen Mom,” made him TMZ-fodder.

“They know where I live, they have my number,” Deen says of the almost-porn show. “(TMZ host) Harvey Levin calls and asks ‘What’s going on?'”

Myers and Beard ask some very perceptive questions of Deen in the 75-minute interview, including whether or not Deen felt like a “novelty” on the set of the Paul Schrader-directed “Canyons.”

What’s refreshing about the interview is the approach it takes to Deen. Myers and Beard run a porn site and have worked with Deen on numerous occasions; they already know he’s a normal person. The takeaways readers of The New York Times and Esquire articles about Deen are that—surprise!—Deen is a normal person.

This leaves time for the trio to talk about most of what went on with “The Canyons”—Deen is still reticent, perhaps contractually, and demures when asked if Lindsay Lohan looked good naked—and the fascinating saga of Farrah Abraham.

One thing that becomes clear in the podcast is that Deen is not as motivated by fame as his more famous co-stars. What would he get if he were more famous?

“I’m (still) going to go (back) to a world where I have sex with beautiful women every day,” he says.

To which Myers responds, “James Deen: The Man That Leverage Didn’t Work On.”

Listen to the podcast here (Scroll to episode 11).

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