Jesse Jane And the American Dream of Home Ownership

forsale01Jesse Jane & Co. deliver a subtle allegory about porn piracy in the real estate epic “For Sale,” underlining the need to buy porn rather than steal it. Would you live in a stolen house, or meet Jesse Jane the realtor if you lived in a stolen, torrented house? No.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Digital Playground puts out all these think-pieces, and sometimes I get confused about whether the work is metaphorical or if it really is just about fucking. You decide.

forsale12Studio: Digital Playground
Director: Robbie D.
Starring: Jesse Jane, James Deen, Manuel Ferrara, Anissa Kate, Erik Everhard, Rukey Reid, Ivana Sugar

In a twist, Jesse Jane and Erik Everhard play realtors who fuck—rather than fuck over—their clients in “For Sale.”

Jesse and Erik treat client liaisons like business lunches, and that seems fine by me as long as no one gets the wrong idea. For example, the movie opens with a spirited bathroom encounter between Jane and James Deen, and no one is trying to put a ring on it.

Then we meet Manuel Ferrara, whose similarly Francophone girlfriend (Anissa Kate) is going home to France. They have some farewell sex that probably looks a lot like their Hello Sex, and Ferrara goes straight to Jesse Jane and asks to marry her. You know—they’re old friends.

Meanwhile fellow realtor Everhard is fucking anything that moves, and for some reason Ferrara doesn’t like this.

“For Sale” is a very competent movie from the Digital Playground/Manwin factory in which everyone is referred to by his or her porn first name (this naming convention usually works except when Skin Diamond is in the movie—which she isn’t—because we can believe a realtor might look like Jesse Jane but not believe anyone could be named Skin) and we see familiar faces with similar mannerisms and character types—not to mention the same names—as their characters in other Digital Playground movies—except now they’re ostensibly selling houses or missing their girlfriend.

The best exchange (before she fucked him) was this one between Jesse and Maniel:

Do you miss France?

No. It kinda sucks.

Too many French people?


Well, there weren’t too many French people in this movie. Would that Katsuni could have come back, too. As it was, I found it odd that the only female brunette (Kate) was flown out of the movie.

That’s what “For Sale” is really about. The oppression of brunettes. Because it sure as hell ain’t about real estate.

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  1. I haven’t bothered with a Digital Playground title in quite some time. Is the standard operating procedure still to capture really good raw footage of hot, well-made-up girls in great lighting and locales, and then utterly ruin it by applying every single effect in the authoring software simultaneously?

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