Jesse Jane blames quitting rumors on broken hyphen

It was whispered by the tweeting classes recently that Jesse Jane, for nine years the darling able-bodied pixie bombshell of Digital Playground, was shooting her final movie for the company. But instead of resigning, she just re-signed.

Jane’s renewed contract with Digital Playground is porn’s longest exclusive performer/studio arrangement.

For months the loading docks, Lamplighters, rental McMansions, personal growhouses, Caverject waiting rooms, and white-label tequila dispensaries were abuzz that the once and future Cindy Taylor was entertaining offers from Wicked and Brazzers, that her locker-slamming skankdown with fellow Okie Bibi Jones in the movie “Fighters” was all too real, and that she was just done.


But the inevitable gushing press release from Digital Playground is vague, stating her contract length as “a few years.” What is clear as an unmuddied lake, however, is the company’s claim on Jane:

The exclusive relationship between Jesse Jane and Digital Playground will continue.

“I’m very excited to re-sign with DP! They’re the best in the business and like my family!” remarks Jesse, “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I love DP and everyone at DP, so I’m going to keep rocking it there for the next few years!!”

“Jesse Jane is by far the biggest anomaly that the adult entertainment industry will ever experience.” adds Digital Playground CEO Samantha Lewis, “Her dedication, loyalty, beauty and charm have kept her at the top and we are so grateful that our partnership will continue. She started her career with Digital Playground and she will go out being a DP girl forever.”

Digital Playground Founder, Joone agrees, “When we discovered her nine years ago, we knew she was going to forever change the face of our industry. Her unrivaled success and the fact that she is still the most demanded porn star on the planet affirms our belief.”

I get the meaning but am concerned with Lewis’s choice of the word “anomaly” and am slightly chilled by the crazy boyfriend-ness of “She started her career with Digital Playground and she will go out being a DP girl forever.” FOREVER!!

Despite the weirdness, I am comforted that Jane will remain with Digital Playground. I like the company and I like her. Is the marriage perfect? Clearly not. But maybe they can work things out.

No one else could promote her the way she deserves, and she, like Jeff Lebowski’s rug, ties that whole place together.


Here is my 2010 Hustler magazine story about Jesse, reprinted with permission:

Jesse Jane At Work

Jesse Jane can go from zero to filthy in two seconds.

It is the end of a long day and she is exhausted. She has been filming a wet dream shower scene for the straight-to-video coming of age romp “Frat House.”

“I am going to fall asleep on my fucking face,” she says.

But while the filming is over, the job of being Jesse Jane, on the short list of the world’s most recognized porn stars, isn’t.

“Hold on a minute,” she says in a little Texas drawl. “I’m’a work through these guys.”

We’re on the UCLA campus at an actual frat house, in whose shower Jane just spent 12 hours lathering and unlathering for the camera. And outside the house, waiting to get back in their rooms, are a dozen beefy fraternity scholars who not only tower over the five-foot-nothing pornstress but also wish to lay hands on the woman who was just naked in their bathroom.

She steps into their midst and, for a moment, seems to disappear.

“Now,” she says. “Who’s got the biggest dick?”

It is a fraught exchange because it seems, for a second, that things could go very wrong. It’s dark, there’s no security to speak of, the production crew is inside, and the diminutive Jesse Jane is one skinny blonde speck in a t-shirt facing a group of guys none too happy about having to wait outside their home, not to mention having just got their asses handed to them by USC.

But then the situation rights itself.

“Me,” says one red-faced, swaying lummox. Jane grabs his hips, which are about at breast level.

“I’m gonna pull your huge cock out of your pants and shove it in my little pussy,” she says. “Then I’m gonna pull it out and shove it up my ass. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you dirty fucker? Then I’m gonna come all over your cock. You want to do it right here?”

Well, he does and he doesn’t. The point is that Jesse Jane, whose boatload of movies for Digital Playground and hundreds of magazine portfolios are doubtless a large percentage of what these boys turn to on lonely nights, has further solidified her fan base by out-dirtying horny Greeks.

“Now I’m flying back to Oklahoma,” she says.


Jesse Jane, at 30 {NOTE: SHE TURNS 30 ON JULY 16, 2010}, has been the face of porn studio Digital Playground for eight years, starring in some of the most popular and lucrative porn films of the 21st century, including the “Pirates” series, several “Island Fever”s, and a handful of fun throwbacks to director Jim Holliday’s occupational pornos of the 90’s, including “Babysitters,” “Teachers,” and “Nurses.”

Like “Frat House,” all those movies are straight-to-video releases. Jane also does her fair share of low-budget horror movies that require a screaming naked chick, as well as porn-friendly cable programs like Entourage, in which she played herself.

“But the guys in the show are exactly like their characters, too,” Jane says of the 2-day shoot in the show’s first season. “I thought they were going to treat me weird but they were really nice.”

Jane’s own blend of naughty and nice means she rarely stops working.

Jane spends much of her year either shooting or promoting Digital Playground’s larger movies. She stands at the head of a rotating bevy of the company’s contract performers, which currently consists of Katsuni, Kayden Kross, Raven Alexis, Stoya, and Riley Steele but has in her tenure also included the likes of Sophia Santi, Lacie Heart, Janine Lindemulder, Jana Cova, Teagan Presley, and a dozen others the little blonde has outlasted.

In fact, Jane’s career has outlived all but a hardy dozen or so women in an industry for which the journey from wide-eyed ingénue to cynical, battle-scarred veteran might be two years.

Jane was born in Texas, the daughter of an Air Force officer. She says she was moving every two years for a large part of her childhood, which included stints in Kansas and Oklahoma, where she graduated high school.

“The constant moving made me really outgoing,” she says. “When I was little, my mother would chase me down the street because I was going up to strangers and saying ‘HEY.’ When you’re the new girl everywhere, you better learn to make friends, because people aren’t gonna make friends with you.”

Being an early bloomer didn’t make friendships with other girls easy.

“I was a full D-cup in eighth grade,” she says. “So girls were always calling me ‘Slut.’ And I didn’t even lose my virginity until I was 17. Slut. You figure out fast who your friends are.”

Jane cultivated a small circle of close friends, shook pom poms as a varsity cheerleader, and started working early, probably because there “wasn’t a hell of a lot to do” in places like Rose Hill, Kansas.

“In Kansas I was driving at 14 (you could do that in Kansas then) and had my own insurance and car. I was working at Hooters when I was 17 and I eventually got to be regional training manager. After that it was Hawaiian Tropics.”

Jane knew she was attractive and there was no awkward coming to terms with it.

“I wasn’t very self-conscious,” she says. “I was me.”

So with a habit of keeping her nose to the grindstone and no misgivings about what she was getting herself into, Jane submitted some pictures to Digital Playground in 2002.

Digital Playground was in the midst of a messy divorce with former contract star Tera Patrick when they signed Jesse Jane in late 2002, quickly trademarked her nom de porn (her real name, as can be found in both Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database, is Cindy Taylor), and made the former Hawaiian Tropics bikini babe into a household name. Among households that consume pornography, anyway.

The speed with which she became porn-famous surprised her.

“Digital Playground has a great marketing department,” she said, “but I was overwhelmed by how quickly people knew who I was.”

Overwhelmed but undaunted. Jane’s hero was Jenna Jameson who, she says, “didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought of her. I respected that. I want to be the type of performer people remember in 20 years, because in no way am I shy about what I do.”

Jane says that studying the porn industry reduced her illusions about it.

“There was no way I was going to be able to deny I did this,” she says. “I knew that from the beginning. So that actually helped me really jump in, once I’d made that decision. And I wasn’t half-assed about it.”

But as it is with competitive female groups like cheerleaders and Hooters waitresses, so it is with porn, Jane says. Looks without brains spells trouble.

“A lot of girls think they are going to be cute forever,” she says. “They spend all their money, they get a bad agent, they blow off work, they don’t treat it like a business, they get shot out – ”

Shot out?

“Shot out, when you’re doing gangbangs every day, anal, anything anybody wants you to do. A hundred movies in six months. And then there’s no reason to call you anymore. Shot out. Or – and this is one of the worst things – they get into porn to get back at a boyfriend.”

Jane is also the longest-lasting contract girl of any of the studios and, while many of her counterparts are being paid on a per film basis, she is one of the few performers left who draws a salary from her company. This is because she is much of a flagship brand for Digital Playground as “Pirates” is.

Jane says that it is partly due to this longevity and the limited number of partners she works with makes her sex scenes special.

“It’s not like I’m inviting them over to Thanksgiving dinner,” she says, “but I’ve worked with these people for a long time. We’re comfortable together. I’m not one of those porn girls who doesn’t enjoy sex – and I can always tell which ones they are – I really enjoy sex, I work with the same people over and over, so I go with what feels good and what I like.”

But she never forgets it’s a job she’s doing.

“Yeah, I don’t lounge around naked in heels all day when I’m at home,” she says. “So when I’m talking to you on set, just kicking back, and then it’s time to shoot, I flip a switch and I’m on.”

To watch a Jesse Jane scene is to see a perfectly poised sex machine that seems to capture the best available light at any given moment. But just because she knows where the camera is, that doesn’t mean her scenes are mechanical.

“I’m in it to win it in there,” she says. And she says her specialty is girls.

“I really like fucking girls,” she says. “I like to take them fucking over.”

Jane dominates women on screen and can be unforgiving about what she sees as the lax work ethic displayed by some porn girls.

“Don’t tell me you don’t have time to fulfill your obligations,” she says. “I’ve got a house in another state, a husband, and a ten-year-old son. And the reason I’m still here is because I work my ass off, I’m not a lazy bitch, and I show up. Things aren’t just given to me.”

In addition to filming up to seven movies a year for DP and promoting the company’s product around the world at adult conventions and store appearances, Jane also dances at strip clubs throughout the country.

“I always try to bring the house girls candy,” she says of the year-round dancers at the clubs she visits. “I’m grateful to them. I don’t think I’m better than them. And that way we can drive customers to each other.”

Does she give lap dances?

“Oh fuck yeah,” she says. “I’ve got a security guard standing right next to me to make sure you don’t get all grabby, but I’ll give you the best lap dance you ever fucking had.”

What does she do about jizz in the pants?

“I really can’t tell if they do or not,” she says, (and I can’t believe this question hasn’t come up thousands of times). “But I suppose now and then they might need some help once they get home.”

Home for Jane is near Oklahoma City. She and her husband, Rick, a hulking and good-natured guy who can also be seen in a few scenes with his wife, share a home that she bought after her first year in the porn business.

“I lived in L.A. for the year after I signed my (Digital Playground) contract,” she says. “And I absofuckinglutely loved it. I went to every party, knew where all the clubs were and what was happening there on what night, and totally got caught up in it.

“It was a crazy year, but as soon as I had the money for the house, I was like: Bye.”

And when she is home, and free of all that the public demands of a porn star it knows so clinically (even her answering machine message sounds tired), Jane has sex with her husband. Every day.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she says. “Sometimes it’s 15 minutes of ‘I’m so fucking tired that I’m gonna let you huff and puff on me and then I’ll huff and puff on you and then we’ll fall asleep.’ But when I’m home and awake I get really, really freaky.”

Freaky in a way she learned from her movies?

“No,” she says. “Freaky and fucking crazy way beyond the movies. People don’t get to hear about my fantasies because it would probably scare the shit out of them. I do crazier things at home because I save them for him.”

At the annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Jesse Jane signs autographs and poses for pictures as she stands behind a podium in 2-hour shifts, flanked by bodyguards (one of whom, a moonlighting Detroit fireman who goes by “Big Dawg,” says, “If anyone touches her, I touch them. But Jesse makes them feel like they’re special anyway”).

Conventions like these are getting a little smaller every year. DVD sales are dwindling, even for high-budget blockbusters and topical parodies. Not only that, but “Pirates” also describes the hundreds of torrent sites with which many people get their porn these days.

Still, Jane doesn’t think the curtain has come down on the porn industry just yet.

“Look at someone like Sasha Grey,” she says. “She’s all over the place and she still does porn. Porn is just changing.”

To illustrate this, Jane says she had plans to direct her own line of movies and release them through Digital Playground, the way director Robby D. does, but the financial risk of starting a production company in the age of Internet porn piracy didn’t seem worth the returns.

“So in that way it wasn’t like it was,” Jane says. “But I’ve got a contract; I’m sitting pretty. For now.”

And the future?

At first we don’t understand when Jane says, “My mother is almost 50, and she still looks great.”

All right, but that doesn’t mean Jane will be doing MILF porn (even if she is one of the few pornstars who satisfies the literal definition).

Instead, Jane says she’d like to emulate baseball players who hang up their gloves to become coaches.

“I’ve been doing this for almost ten years,” she says. “It’s a job I know really well. I could be help out in marketing or I could go on the road with the girls and make sure they’re taken care of…

“But I also like being a mom…

“Or I could open a bad-ass taco shop.”

Jane finishes her shift at the autograph podium and totters into a back room of Digital Playground’s booth. There’s water and pizza there but she doesn’t have time to eat, so she sits heavily – as heavily as one can at a hundred pounds – on a couch to wait for journalists who will ask her questions about her favorite sex position, to which she will reply “cowgirl” no fewer than 300 times over the weekend.

For a moment she closes her eyes, and looks like a 30-year-old mother with a house and husband in Oklahoma. She allows herself a second, and then the eyes pop back open as she greets a visitor with “Been a long time, Sexy.”

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