Jesse Jane: “I don’t feel anyone is my competition”

I spoke with Jesse Jane about tequila, “Fighters” and fighting, her decision to renew her contract with Digital Playground, and what the big deal is about her ass.

“Some stuff went down,” she is saying. “But people like to talk. I read the things people write and I’m like, ‘That’s the first time I heard that.'”

Jesse Jane has been in Digital Playground’s employ since 2002 (I remember getting the press announcement when I worked at AVN, and wondering who the 22-year-old in the gauzy photograph was), and this year considered ending their relationship.

“It was a little too intense,” she says. “People say it was all about competition with BiBi (Jones, the blonde with whom Jane has a very realistic shoving match in “Fighters“). But we get new girls all the time, and I don’t feel anyone is my competition.”

If this reads as arrogant in print, it only sounded confident and casual on the phone, the way you’d say “I love my new car.”

Jane credits living in Oklahoma with being able to avoid porn feuds.

“I’m a pretty healthy person,” she says. “I’ve got my house and my family. I hang out with my son and niece and nephew. And I don’t get into [feuds], unless you come at me and attack me, and then it becomes my issue.”

Jane says that whatever issues there were are behind her. But after nearly nine years as being Digital Playground’s most bankable star, Jane says that both she and the company needed a reminder of who they were to each other.

“I’ve been completely loyal to them,” she says. “But we were letting each other forget how important they were to me, and how important I was to them. Things were confusing.”

After considering offers from other companies, Jane signed a 3-year contract extension with Digital Playground. At the end of that contract, she says she will retire from porn at 33.

“I want to go out not being old,” she says. “I think after that I might sign at a couple of conventions, but I won’t perform.”

As Cindy Taylor (her real name), Jane is a partner, with her husband, Rich, and Digital Playground founder Ali Joone and his wife, Brandy, in Diosa Spirits, which this year soft-launched a line of tequilas. Jane was adamant that she would have an occupation after porn.

“This is totally independent of Digital Playground,” she says, “which is why it’s ‘Cindy’ and not ‘Jesse.’ We really love this product and we’re going to take it big. Parties all over the United States. They loved it at the [Nightclub And Bar] Expo in Vegas. But if you’re leaving one job, you’ve got to have another to go to.”

Did you learn that the hard way?

“No, I’ve always known that,” Jane says. “My father [an Air Force officer] taught me that. He taught me to save my money. A lot of girls think the money is going to keep coming. It doesn’t. You always have to plan for the next investment.”

I felt the need to ask a porny question about Jane’s Bucket List. Turns out her answer had a lot to do with her bucket.

“Everyone’s been trying to get me to do anal,” she says. “I will do one anal movie only, and that will be it.”

You don’t like it?

“I have no idea why everyone wants to see it,” she says. “Believe me, I’ve tried it a million times. It does nothing for me. But I will do it for the fans. You hear that, fans? That will be my special gift to you.”

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  1. Jesse Jane is going to do anal… for moi!? I’m delighted. I’ve only had, like 3 or 4 girls, in my whole life, who agreed to do anal. For me. And now there shall be another.

    Should I be planning a theme-party for this occasion?

  2. As much as I would have loved to see Jesse in Elegant Angel’s “Big Wet Asses”, Evil Angel’s “Buttman’s Stretch Class”, or half a dozen other series out there, she really is a great fit at Digital Playground. Despite the mini-drama that unfolded earlier in the year, many thinking it was just another publicity stunt, she is as important to the company as primary director Robby D. If either of them left the company, it would cease to be the same company.

    And with all due respect to the other contract performers there, all of whom are very attractive and have tons of appeal, none of them have built up the kind of following Jesse has or had so much invested in them for so long. Jesse has the kind of self confidence, positive attitude, and all the other qualities that make for a true “star” that is as rare today in the industry as it has been since the beginning. Best wishes to Jesse and Digital Playground on a decision well made.

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