“Jiggle them motherfuckers,” and other things you can say to people if you’re paying them

Joe Pusher, a low-budget pornographer/pimp working with Third World Media, will not win any awards for production design or creativity, but his videos—including his latest P.O.V. outing, “Chicas Locas in East L.A. 2″—showcase the necessity of customer confidence in a buyer’s market.

What Joe Pusher does is very simple, even if what he implies is a little more complicated (we’ll get to that later).

He picks up women in pre-arranged, public places, like gas station parking lots, brings them back to his “studio,” which looks suspiciously like it might be his apartment, asks them (usually for the second time) their name and where they’re from, tells them to get undressed, marvels at their attributes, and then asks them to crawl toward him, mouth open, and fasten said mouth on his uncircumcised penis.

Then, I guess depending if the woman (or Joe) has been STD tested or not, she will fuck him or just continue blowing him as he holds the camera or places it on the coffeetable for a more artistic shot.

While Pusher may ask the same questions of each woman, and ask her to do the same things, the five scenes in “Chicas Locas in East L.A.” are different because each woman is different, whether she is bright-eyed and adorable or dead-eyed and crackheaded.

And Pusher, who suggests that these women are auditioning for work as an off-camera prostitute, is amiable and respectful but basically all business as he rattles off a job application’s worth of questions and commands that each women dutifully answers.

“You got nice titties,” he says to one woman in his garage. “Jiggle them motherfuckers.”

You may say that all the romance has gone out of porn, the way Pusher does it. But isn’t the problem most people have with porn centered on the mistakes pornographers make trying to put romance into what is essentially a financial transaction?

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  1. lets not forget that mr.Pusher is the one who brought Amy Reid into the fray known to us as Porno…yes,…THAT Amy Reid. J.Pusher for City Council starts now….. ~ T.Vonny.

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