Joanna Angel: Bathrooms restore virginity

We all know that bathrooms are romantic, but Joanna Angel believes that they erase Time. I talked with her about her personal water closet philosophy on the joyful release of her Fuck Me in the Bathroom part DEUX.

Angel: It was shot in bathrooms in New York and L.A. And it’s much better than the first one. The first one was a practice round.

Gram: Is it true for bathroom water like it is for bagels and pizza, that east coast water is just different and tastes better?

Angel: That’s gross.

Gram: When someone says, “I want to do do you in the pooper,” do you naturally assume that it is in the ass or in the bathroom?

Angel: I think the ass. But generally people don’t say that. It’s kind of rude. Even to a porn girl. It sounds like a Red Light District movie.

Gram: So when someone says, “Fuck me in the bathroom,” it has to be the girl saying it or it’s rude?

Angel: It’s OK to say “Fuck me in the bathroom,” not “Fuck me in the pooper.” Bathroom=hot. Pooper=not hot.

Gram: Do me a goddamn favor and pretend that we’re doing this interview in person.

Some scenes in Fuck Me in Bathroom part DEUX were shot in the lavatories of a skate park and a school. But not the TARDIS, though that would have made sense.

Angel: One of the first times (I had sex in a bathroom) I was really drunk. Which is OK.

Gram: I don’t need your permission to be an alcoholic.

Angel: It was with this dude in this band.

Gram: Was it Kansas? The Hoodoo Gurus? Was it Sade? Dokken (rhymes with Rockin’)? The Everly Brothers?

Angel: No. He was married and was having issues deciding whether he should have sex with me or not.

Gram: I would have no such issues. Not because I’m married but because I would need to say “pooper.”

Angel: So I told him we could go to the bathroom and talk about it. And then we did it in there. And then he ran out and called his wife and wished her a happy anniversary.

Gram: So are you saying –

Angel: Since it happened in a bathroom, I think it’s almost like it never happened. It’s the perfect place to fuck someone you aren’t sure if you should really be fucking or not.

Fuck Me in the Bathroom part DEUX stars Angel, Rebeca Linares, Jessie Lee, Maureen Cross, Audrey Elson, and James Deen.

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