Joanna Angel tackles boobs

There are a lot of things people are shy of talking about in today’s porn industry: drug use, sexual harrassment, malfeasant distribution deals. Now Joanna Angel has the courage to say that Big Boobs Are Cool, and Burning Angel has released a filmic document of her beliefs.

Angel shot the movie here.

“I think boobs tend to be larger (in Los Angeles),” habitual Brooklynite Angel told me. “Maybe because apartments in New York are small, big boob girls can’t fit their boobs in them.”

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Because Los Angeles is better than New York (it’s also better than San Francisco and Seattle, in case you’re wondering, but not Montpelier), Angel did as I predicted and as she denied she would do and moved here last year. She visits New York once every other month.

“You know how you always find what you’re looking for when you’re not looking for it?” she asked.

I thought about how I got a blowjob from my Media Theory And Literary Criticism professor. “Yes,” I said.

“After the movie was done I found some big boob girls in New York. So maybe I’ll shoot the sequel there.”

At first Angel’s boobs were judged neither big nor cool enough for the film’s director, Burning Angel co-founder Mitch Fontaine.

“So I went on the opposite of a diet,” Angel said. “I ate a lot of fast food for two weeks. Because when you gain weight your boobs grow.” (This also happened to William Howard Taft.)

Angel employed the drive-thru technology of Jack in the Box and Del Taco and said that the movie captured “a little belly” which, sadly, she has since gotten rid of. “But I do have some big boobs.”

“Your commitment to your craft is impressive,” I said, reminded of Robert DeNiro’s weight regimen preparing for Raging Boob.

As you know, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, is coming up at sundown Friday. I asked Angel if she and her boobs were going to Temple.

“No,” she said, “but I will fast.”

“Good you’re not doing Big Boobs Are Cool 2 the next day.”

Big Boobs Are Cool stars Angel, Ariel Alexus, Harmony, and Adrianna Nicole.

View the trailer here.

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