Justine Joli: Nerd

All of Las Vegas is Justine Joli's smoking area
All of Las Vegas is Justine Joli’s smoking area

The interview below, “Justine Joli: Nerd” appeared on this site on June 19, 2006. I reprint it because today is Joli’s birthday, which I am spending part of rassling with ancient Blogger code, the exudate of a site that has been on several platforms, hacked, attacked, taken down, and rebuilt many times. It’s a mess. But Justine always looks good.

Justine Joli: Nerd
First published on June 19, 2006

I have often asked Justine Joli if she ever got tired just reading about things.

“There’s more to life than fellow Missouri native Robert A. Heinlein,” I will say. “And I don’t mean L. Ron Hubbard.”

“I know, Grams,” she hasn’t replied, “but my Sapphic world of the Bene Gesserit and the Mists of Avalon are exponentially preferable to your creampies, donkey punches, and pegging.”

Felix Vicious and Justine Joli

Joli is going to be appearing at the KC Art booth at next month’s Comic-Con in San Diego. For those of you who haven’t been, Comic-Con is like the AVN convention except the people at Comic-Con admit they’re dorks.

GP: Do you sometimes find that people don’t take you seriously as a nerd what with all the toe biting and panty ripping and boobies and all?
JJ: Sometimes people who don’t know me are shocked to find I love Sci-Fi. Those who do know will tell me about new Anime or give me info on my favorite PS2 game. The boobies help in talking them into buying naked pictures of me.

GP: Who are your favorite Sci-Fi characters?
JJ: Jean Luc Picard, the Major (GIST),Han Solo, and anything by Peter Chung. I have been a Star Trek: the Next Generation fan since the 80’s. The Major (Masamune Shirow) is one of my favorite anime characters. It was the first anime I saw. And Peter Chung is the creator of Aeon Flux as well as Alexander (the cartoon). And I had a crush on Han when I was yourger. A friend of mine has Han in carbonite. You know where he gets frozen? Yeah I’ve touched it. I creamed my jeans!

GP: What does Han Solo put on his Greek salad? Boba-feta cheese. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Describe Comic-Con for people who’ve not been.

(SFX: crickets)

JJ: What you’ll be surprised at is the amount of girls walking around in costume. Not too many “booth girls”, but just regular fans wearing sexy anime costumes. Flesh everywhere! And if you’re going to go there it’s over 100,000 people every year. So bring your walking shoes. And a Camera. There is soo much to look at you’ll forget it all just by turning a corner. And I hear through my friends at DC that there is a special Season Three preview for Lost. I’m a huge fan.

Justine Joli, Felix Vicious, and Jade Starr in 2006

GP: Is it possible for a porn fan to have fun at Comic-Con? I can’t imagine how fans of of one kind of manufactured fantasy could be fans of another. It’s like expecting a lot of crossover between the Lawyers’ Convention and the Asshole Symposium.
JJ: If you like people-watching and crazy costumes; Comic-Con is the place to be. I have a blast.

GP: Who said, “This Death Star is unsafe at any speed”? Give up? Darth Nader. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

(SFX: vacuum of space)

GP: You’re very bendy and pliant. What do you need to roll in Dexterity?
JJ: I stretch every morning. I took Ballet for 15 years and Tae Kwan Do for five. So I roll my whole body in Dexterity

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