Kayden Kross’s shitload of butt plugs

Prior to leaving Adam & Eve, Kayden Kross lent her name to a series of sex toys that bear her endorsement, including the Silicone P-Spot Plug.

At the parent company that houses Gram Ponante Towers, Helipad, Salmon Hatchery, Gryphon Kennels, Supercollider, and Super Bowl Anti-Abortion Ad Abortionist, I am lucky to work with several people who have no idea what to do with half the things that cross my threshold, and one gentleman said:

“That’s a shitload of sex toys you’ve got there. What does this one do?”

“You put it up your ass,” I replied, “twist it, and stimulate your prostate. That’s what the ‘P’ stands for.”

Well, he stopped listening at “ass,” and quickly handed the device back to me.

Kayden holds the same pose on the packaging of various cock rings, dildos, and the Silicon Back-door Buddy butt plug – sort of a coy, mortified, willing look that is hard to interpret.

It is as if she is saying, “I don’t know what to think about you thinking about me while you’re sticking that thing up your ass.”

  • Buy Kayden’s Frosted Ice Silicone P-Spot Plug here

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