Kimberly Kane’s “Beautiful Stranger” is a creepy girlfriend experience

Kimberly Kane’s “Beautiful Stranger” is like a porn version of “Punch Drunk Love,” “Billy Elliott,” and “Taxi Driver”; Kane plays a creepy stalker in love with streetwalker Savanna Samson, and we root for her awkward, kinky protagonist because we must believe in a world where such unions can survive.

Studio: Vivid
Director: Kimberly Kane
Starring: Kimberly Kane, Savanna Samson, Bobbi Starr, Kristina Rose, Anthony Rosano, Mr. Pete, Aiden Starr, Anjelica Raven, Denis Marti, Alec Knight

I would call “Beautiful Stranger” heartwarming save for that organ being several inches above where this movie most reverberated.

It’s a simple story: Kane watches Samson ply her trade in a downtown industrial district and fantasizes about what it would be like to be with her. When Anthony Rosano pulls up to Samson, Kane murmurs “He’s so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.”

But this isn’t couples’ film fantasizing (not any of the couples I know, anyway). As Kane pours candle wax on herself, she says, “I want to hurt her, if she’ll let me.”

It’s times like this when an inexpensively-produced porn movie shows its value beyond its modest budget. You can imagine a casual porn consumer somewhere happening on this movie and feeling that, for the first time, he or she is understood.

Longing isn’t something we usually see in porn movies, but it is as much a part of sexuality as the facial cumshot is (I might be drummed out of the Ancient Order of Porn Reviewers for this, but I have the rectitude to say that longing is even more integral to sexuality than a facial cumshot. There I said it).

B-story characters in Kame’s psychodrama include “Candy Girls” Bobbi Starr and Kristina Rose, Aiden Starr, and Angelica Raven, the latter two being taken care of by Mr. Pete and Denis Marti, respectively.

Rose and Starr have an elegant, dirty, toe-filled scene on a warehouse floor, and Aiden Starr wails and carries on like a combination banshee/leprechaun/rutting beast. Her caterwauls and facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission. As she fellates Alec Knight through her creaky bedframe, we hearken back to the Disney classic “Bedknobs and Blowjobs.”

But Anjelica Raven will knock you out.

In a scene with the appreciative Mr. Pete (who is like the American Steve Holmes in his gratitude), the fleshy, dusky Raven blows smoke through gap teeth and siren lipstick, all natural, looking like an ad for the original Studio 54 (but without the coke).

In her handful of movies [see the reviews for “Live In My Secrets” and “My Own Master“], Kane makes sexy women sexier.

I won’t spoil the ending other than to say that “Beautiful Stranger” is the rare porn movie that pays off for being watched in its entirety.

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