Letter from Gazzman: Both ends (of Syren Sexton) burning

I spoke the English with my friend Gazzman as he shot “Young Harlots Academy 16” in Prague.

Gram: That Syren Sexton…

Gazzman: Yes.

Gram: I had an Irish girlfriend once—

Gazzman: Sorry.

Gram:—who liked to say that “All British girls wear their mattresses on their backs.” Is this true?

Gazzman: You mean she said that British women were slutty?

Gram: I believe that is what she meant, yes.

Gazzman: I haven’t found that. Perhaps she meant that British girls need to be prepared at all times, because who knows when the Germans will start bombing again?

Gram: I’m going to go out on a limb and say she thought British girls were slutty, because she was slutty, and she was very much into projection.

Gazzman: You mean like in “Cinema Paradiso?”

Gram: No.

Gazzman: We don’t find the use in your psychoanalytical terms here. We just nip off down the pub and drink.

Gram: That’s what my Irish girlfriend would do.

Gazzman: You mean the slut?

Gram: So in this Syren Sexton video with Danny D., she’s fucking him outside of the actual scene?

Gazzman: Yeah. I think they were practicing.

Gram: How does that work when the relationship one has with his/her non-porn partner is contingent on the fact that there is no infidelity as long as the partner who’s fucking someone else is getting paid for it?

Gazzman: Well, technically Syren and Danny were morally in the clear, because in Prague we pay people for the day.

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I’m particularly happy with the musical choice for this video, Roxy Music’s “Both Ends Burning” from the album “Siren.” It really works on so many levels.

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One thought on “Letter from Gazzman: Both ends (of Syren Sexton) burning

  1. Does she seem to have as much fun on all her scenes? If so I’ll have to track down some of her DVDs.

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