Lexington Steele Streams Every Ford

Like A Professional Wrestler, “Lex Turns Evil”

lex24The sound of Whore Clogs clacking up the walk of a modest home will always sound like Porn Valley to me, and nowhere but here are they as common as crickets. Today they belong to Jada Stevens, who exits a Bentley on her way to getting fucked by a resurgent Lexington Steele and Prince Yahshua.

“Nice to have you over to the spot,” Steele says.

Later two Lexes learn to—as Rilke said—protect and touch and greet each other as Lex auditions Alexis Ford for a booty-shaking rap video.

Lexington Steele has never left but he also hasn’t been around as much lately, so it’s good to see him hopping into the fold at Evil Angel with “Lex Turns Evil.” Steele is now in his 40s and is a cool customer, a man who would rather walk down there and fuck them all.

In both scenes there are subtle nods to the finer things, trappings of busineSs and nice cars and wearing suits casually. But Steele makes it look normal, and not like an affectation. That’s classy.

The scene with Stevens is fun because Steele can’t seem to decide whether to give this playtoy to Prince Yahshua or jump in himself (he chooses the latter). Stevens breezes through this scene as if being a mesh-hosed fuckdoll is what she has trained for her whole life,

But it is Ford’s scene that is so surprising, and I don’t know why it should be. She’s a great performer, very sexual and frank. Because of her blondeness, though, I always expect her not to be. I am a hairist.

But Steele isn’t. His activism on behalf of whites is inspiring.

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