Lisa Ann snatches Eminem from obscurity

Lisa Ann becomes the first porn star to reprise a character she created for an adult film in Eminem’s “We Made You.”

And she, as Sarah Palin, has a pretty big role, too, cavorting with Mr. Mathers (dressed as Bret Michaels), an eskimo, and a polar bear. The video also features impersonations of Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson, with Dr. Dre turning up as commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Myself, I have no idea whatsoever why Eminem is popular. I have had long discussions with Dre about this, and he says, “Grams, you just don’t understand the kids.”

Damn right I don’t. If I did, I’d have no business running America’s Beloved Adult Website.

Regardless, Eminem videos have long supplied porn actresses with several days of AFTRA wages. Both Jenna Jameson and Gina Lynn have been featured in Eminem videos, which sport social commentary every bit as creative and complex as that of Bill O’Reilly.

We need our nation’s porn stars in classy music videos.

I’m really hoping Kimberly Kane shows up in a re-formed Roxy Music video, or Sasha Grey clones herself to populate the remake of “Addicted to Love.” In the meantime, perhaps Eminem will reprise his role as the obsessed latent homosexual stalker Stan for a Chi Chi LaRue movie?

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  1. I loved the video… and the hook is infectious. Lisa Ann was seriously sexy when she was “singing” said hook.

    As for Em… dude’s talented. Don’t question it, Gram (I shall now refer to you as “G-Money”), just accept it, move on, and be happy.

  2. I will always be happy, but thank you for your warm wishes! And I will either respond to G-Money or G-Unit.

  3. I will not now, nor will I ever, refer to you as “G-Unit.” I’m sure your many porny admirers of the female variety will, though 😀

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