Maitland Ward: “(Not) a Cautionary Tale”

Maitland Ward, the only performer who can be streamed on Disney+ as well as, writes in the Daily Beast that her “story is a journey rather than a cautionary tale.”

Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrara, and Maitland Ward at the 2020 AVN Awards

Ward, who uses the same name she did when she appeared in 45 episodes of Disney’s “Boy Meets World” from 1998-2000, is not the only mainstream personality to try porn. In fact, she’s not even the first Disney star, as former Miss USA and “Even Stevens” actress Kelli McCarty made first a softcore run and then had a full-on Vivid career in the first decade of this American Century. Then there’s Amy Fisher! and what about Morpheus’ daughter?

But Ward embraces the industry in such a thoughtful, often funny way (when talking about friends who ask her what porn is like, Ward says, “it usually starts out in a whisper, like if the words are at full volume one of us might die”) that it made me feel good about her choices. Further, Ward’s success in the adult world shows that there is one entertainment avenue offering good roles to women over 40.

Maitland Ward

Though it is sometimes glib (and I am often guilty of this), the coverage publications like The Daily Beast and Vanity Fair give to the adult industry is illuminating and fair, and lacks the self-consciousness of the trade magazines that are understandably duty-bound to be biased.

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