Mallory Rae Murphy: From Virgin to ATM scene

I encountered Mallory Rae Murphy, former virgin, and her boyfriend, the ubiquitous personage Porno Dan, on my way to the restrooms at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (I had to vomit up some chips).

According to Murphy, she gave up her precious maidenhead to fellow Texan Evan Stone in a movie shot by yet another Lone Star Stater, Michael Raven.

“I think ‘Sapphire’ was taken,” the pleasantly sardonic Murphy said of her choice of a porn name. This I believed, but it was still hard to grasp that Murphy had been a stripper in Plano before entering the porn world and she still was a virgin. It stretches credulity.

“The vag wasn’t touched,” Murphy said. “But there aren’t too many virgin strippers – I can promise you that.”

Perhaps it was because her ex-boyfriend was Mormon that Murphy allowed the pendulum to sway so violently pornward after they broke up.

“They (Mormons) don’t wear chastity belts and ride bicycles,” Murphy said, “but he still respects me as a person.”

Well, that’ s something. And Murphy did lay claim to being a very sexual person, so she’s OK by me.

Below, see my ten-minute impromptu interview with Murphy. A fun game you can play is to guess how many hookers ascend the escalator behind her (I counted three).

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  1. MRM,

    Whether or not it ultimately proves to have been for the best, I’m sorry you broke up. Those decisions are difficult. But who should be happy here? Are you making a play for AVN Award-winning director Eli Cross or slyly commenting on his Negative Nellie qualities?

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