Mandy Morbid’s disappearing Hospital

Pictured are director Benny Profane and coverpatient Mandy Morbid at tonight’s release party for the movie Hospital, starring Morbid as the amnesiac and trepanning-happy Lucy.

I look forward to seeing this movie (as I look forward to seeing all Vivid-steve movies) not only for the cast (which includes Caroline Pierce, Zak Sabbath, a Mexican enchantress named Sochee Mala, and Indiana’s own Marie McCray), but also to see what Profane did with a larger budget than his self-produced Psychocandy movies, which he described as “dates that ended up going really well.”

Industry spokesperson Sabbath said that “there are parts of [Hospital] that we’re like, we know, but it’s all intentional” and Profane said of McCray and Mala that they are “devastating.”

I can’t watch movies at 11 p.m. with spilled beer on me, but I will say that the cover art of this movie is simple and effective. It makes me want to know about the past Morbid has forgotten, especially if she has the same breasts in that past.

The party was at the Redwood in downtown L.A., a place that looks like it has been there for a hundred years but was probably redone a few years ago (with a nautical theme) to look that way. What is reality? A young woman flirted with me until her girlfriend told her that I was the AntiChrist.

Speaking of divine intervention:

The flash on my camera wasn’t working, as if the Intelligent Designer Himself had decreed that there would be no more fitting a picture heralding an amnesia movie than one in which its subjects were fading away.

I received a purloined copy of the movie and will review it soon, but in the meantime, you should buy it.


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4 thoughts on “Mandy Morbid’s disappearing Hospital

  1. Mandy Morbid might finally be what we’ve all been waiting, looking, hoping for: the reason for Vivid Alt’s continued existence.


  2. Then you must be a Vivid-Alt employee dependent on S. Hirsch’s laudable (and uncharacteristic of the adult business in general) pay on time policy, because I’ve yet to meet anyone not on the payroll who likes the product (other than me, who liked several titles, then didn’t like a couple, and then liked some more despite every effort of its princeling to keep his associates from talking to me).

    But fear not! If Vivid-steve folds, Mandy Morbid will still be fantastic.

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