Around the world in 4077 days with Chanel Preston and Eric Swiss

One of the great things about being America’s Beloved Porn Journalist is that, even though my wheelchair, oxygen tanks, and court-ordered ankle bracelet prohibit me from leaving Los Angeles County, I can still meet people like the captivating Chanel Preston, who was born in Alaska but now lives in Hawai’i.

I asked her about her fear of the contiguous 48 states and if she might appear as a private plate lunch item.

Preston has only been in porn for a few months but, as you can see from some of these photos, is already asserting her long-leggedy dominance, pulling the hair of other naked women and standing topless where no nudity is allowed.

But on another part of the set I heard the touching story of Eric Swiss who, though he had gained the world, couldn’t get a goddamn sandwich.

Swiss, the near-sociopath (and dear friend) porn performer who went on walkabout last year, traveling to a dozen countries before he alighted in Las Vegas to collect his 2010 Best Actor trophy at the AVN Awards, is now playing Hawkeye in X-Play’s “Not M*A*S*H XXX.” I talked with him about why it made better financial sense to travel around the world for eight months than stay in Los Angeles for a fraction of that time.

I’ll tell you more about “Not M*A*S*H XXX” as it gets closer to, er, release, but feel free to marvel at some promo shots of Preston as well as these candid snaps of what we were fighting for in the meantime.

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