Memoirs of a Modern-Day Mika Tan Geisha Madame

While Shy Love does not set pen to paper or address the camera in Sinsation’s Memoirs of a Madame, thus making the title misleading, the movie does reveal little-known truths about upscale escort services previously possessed only by viewers of late-night Skinemax:

1. Bordellos comprise a rigid hierarchy presided over by an icy and absolute ruler, so possessed of sexual self-confidence that her attendants stand at attention, slack-jawed, around her.

2. It is every street hooker’s dream to manage a brothel for someone else.

3. No one has a conversation in the breakroom, like every other corporate environment in America; the business gets done in sparse offices and well-lit bedrooms.

This movie made me think, if these are hookers, who were all those people in Mexico? Shudder.

Read the review here.

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