Mia Malkova: Carcharadon Carcharias

Mia Malkova
Mia Malkova

“I can never take off clothes ‘sexy’,” says Maria Malkova, who is doing just fine. “It just doesn’t happen.”

Just moments into shooting an undressing Mia Malkova on the crisp sheets of a hotel bedroom, Manuel Ferrara’s pants were falling off. See? He’s just like you.

mia19Ferrara’s “Raw” series for Evil Angel is special because he gets a nondescript Porn Valley-area room and then proceeds to fuck a bunch of women in it, just the two of them and a camera. It’s economical and setup-free; Malkova isn’t playing the part of a lawyer, Ferrara’s babysitter, a nurse, or his wife’s best friend—she’s just an intensely pretty woman who’s being paid to have sex with the enthusiastic but always gentlemanly Ferrara.

And Ferrara isn’t some schlubby mouth-breather (sorry, former Pope Benedict); he’s a pro who happened to cast the intensely pretty Malkova.

Chemistry is important, and the easy relationship these two have makes for a great scene.

When she uses her teeth on his balls, Ferrara pushes her away gleefully.

“You’re killing me,” he says. “You’re like a shark.”

“I’m like a shark?” she says, satisfied.

[Read “Nice Quint“]

Now be honest: how many times have we tried to mask our ball pain behind what we hope is a light joke (“It’s like you’re shucking corn down there!”) only to have our partner dissolve in tears?

Oh. Only me? Well, what I’m saying is that Ferrara knows how to give constructive criticism, and the look Malkova gives him is heartwarming.

Watch Ferrara’s “Raw” series for easy interactions like this one—some even in French.

Mia Malkova, Manuel Ferrara, Gram Ponante

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