Mia Malkova Restores Our Faith in Love, Heights, Sandwiches, And Clean Laundry

EroticaX_10_13_04Mia Malkova is not some wizened strip of sex jerky, walking amongst the cranes and helipads of Downtown L.A. in director Mason’s “Erotica X.” In fact, had she skipped lunch, she might have blown right off the roof.

EroticaX_10_13_10Mason has been directing for years (most recently with Elegant Angel), and she knows how to set up tension so that the sap rises, whether it be a filthy scene with the lamentably retired Kami Andrews in “Mason’s Sluts” or something far gauzier and elegant, like Malkova and Danny Mountain in this scene.

Malkova is tall and pale. We watch her ascending steps in a pristine downtown highrise, only to emerge, even more naked, in full view of morning drive traffic ‘copters. Her confidence is pleasantly shocking, even though she’s just the type of exhibitionist that people like.

After dallying awhile on the roof — just to prove a point — Malkova goes back inside to find a nattily dressed and shorn Danny Mountain, who wastes no time, and we don’t blame him.

Sometimes porn locations can be overused and “shot out,” but I really like this one, as it shows the distinctive L.A. skyline. I’m fairly certain that this is the same location — and sheets! — used for Dani Daniels’ “Dare.”

There is a certain porn shot I like, the side-saddle, that shows all the action I need. Lying on her back upon crisp white sheets, Malkova opens up for Mountain, who keeps her legs spread.

It is here we notice that Malkova, freed of the burden of standing on porny high heels, isn’t toned like a cheese grater. In fact, she looks like she occasionally enjoys cheese. We are not talking about a BBW here, just a personally-reassuring amount of fat that just makes her look good.

One gets the impression that Malkova might eat some Pringles on those sheets later, and that Mountain won’t kick her out for doing so.

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Mia Malkova, Gram Ponante


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