Mini-review: Shades of Romona

Studio: Adam & Eve
Director: Vien Savio
Cast: Ava Rose, Sasha Grey, Mandy Morbid, The Love Twins, Annabelle Lee, Alektra Blue, Charlie Laine, Joey Brass, Tony DeSergio

Hard to tell what Independent Adult Cinema’s “Shades of Romona” is about, if only because “What is it about?” isn’t a question ordinarily asked of our porn movies. Ava Rose is Romona, a hard-boiled dealer in other people’s fantasies (on mini-disc), who one day gets too close to her job.

Director Vien Savio’s debut, “Romona” is beautiful to look at, with the pale Ava Rose, Sasha Grey, Alektra Blue, Mandy Morbid, and (especially) Annabelle Lee saturated in just the right way.

I thought as I watched this movie that I might have to watch it again because there were parts that I wasn’t getting. Why were there aliens? Was Sasha Grey playing “Risk”? Will Ava Rose come over to my house? That sort of thing. But it is wrong to ask a viewer to watch a porn movie a second time to figure out the plot. In this way, “Romona” shares something with another Independent Adult Cinema title, Carlos Batts’ “Kiss Attack.”

But maybe all you’ll need is to modify your expectations (because I’ve got 30 more movies to review today). Come to “Shades of Romona” for the whitey-white girls, and stay an extra hour for the storyline.

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