MittwochFoto 7.20.11—Book, Brooke Haven

There are the porn stars who are pasty and sylphlike (like Ela Darling) or dusky and exotic (like Mika Tan), and then there are the Brooke Havens of the world, who could never be mistaken for anything but powerful-thighed sex engines, forged on the unforgiving steel of stripper poles, uncomfortable in anything but high heels, fully shaved but for their capital manes, and ready for fucking business, man.

Of course there’s other types of porn star (the spinner comes to mind), but here’s to Brooke Haven (on the set of 2009’s “Busty Librarians” directed by DCypher) who, along with people like Kylie Ireland and Nicki Hunter, are pictured in the dictionary under the term “porn star.”

Beyond the very obvious reason, I also like these pictures because they illustrate a standard-issue porn set library, the kind purchased at an estate or library sale.

DCypher was quick to point out, though, that he brought some of the books himself.

“I supplemented these books with some from my own library,” he told me.

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