MontagFoto—Jamie Elle speaks for all of us

In February, 2007, Jamie Elle had the dubious distinction of working with director Will Ryder on the fourth “Britney Rears” movie with costars Seth Dickens (left) and Donny Long.

It is tempting to think Elle was reacting to both the present and the future in this photo, as if she had a violent foreshadowing upon the touch of her costar and almost choked on her lollipop.

I am going to turn the weekly MontagFoto into a caption contest. I can think of no more auspicious a cast of characters than were on the set this day.

I’ll prime the pump for you:

No, I will not give you my number or real name. I don’t go out with baseheads. You look at my high school yearbook and it doesn’t list under my aims “data a base—” oh, we’re shooting.

The author of the winning caption will receive some splendid porn from my giveaway pile along with a personal note, suitable for framing. If you win, I will ask you to issue a statement via email that you are over 18 and that it is legal to send porn to you.

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