MontagFoto 10.25.10

Neither like a cellphone, nor a gas tank, nor a quarterback with an impending head injury nor, as Jame Gumb would say, a “a big fat person,” Kagney Linn Karter has nevertheless blown up in her own special way in the past two years.

You have doubtless noticed my photographic skills are limited, but get me around some natural light and fake breasts and I’m pretty good. The KLK was on a roof in downtown L.A. filming a movie for Vivid when I was able to catch her just before the sun went down.

Since then Karter, the Missouri native whom I first met on the set of “Not Married with Children XXX,” has become one of the few remaining bona fide contract stars in Porn Valley. Oddly enough, on this day in May, 2009, KLK was shooting a scene for the debut movie of AJ Bailey, the last contract girl Vivid signed before quietly doing away with their contract girl program.

You may remember that it was Vivid that reintroduced the Old Hollywood practice of signing porn performers to contracts back in 1984. In a way, encountering the KLK on the roof was like meeting the Space Shuttle while waving goodbye to Apollo 17.

I’ll say it so you don’t have to: “Solid Rocket Boosters.”

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