MontagFoto 10.3.11—”Oh: You two

Vanessa Vidal (who has also gone by Vanessa Vidi, Dee, Vanessa Videz, Venessa Videl, Vanessa Vadal, and Vanessa Videll, although—apart from “Dee”—probably didn’t know that, as adult industry boxcover designers are hired for their looks, not their spelling, unlike me) stands atop Porn Valley in chilly, nipply March, 2007 for the movie “MILFology.”

One can imagine what is going through Ms. Vidal’s mind in this shot, as she seems to be looking at her breasts after a long hiatus. “You’ve been nothing but trouble for me,” she seems to be saying, “but I love you still.”

If you recognize the view beyond Vidal, we are once again looking east across Porn Valley. The house was allegedly once owned by The Captain & Tennille (a persistent rumor confirmed by actual people in their 50s), and is now rented for porn shoots, swinger parties, and night-time Rocketdyne launches.

But back to Vidal. I’m glad she’s in the sex industry, because I can’t imagine any other occupation—other than real estate and televangelism—where they could put to as good a use.

But her breasts aren’t her only asset. According to the Internet Adult Film Database, she also starred in “Ahh Shit White Mama You Got Ass.”

Why “Ass” and not “Azz”? That’s a story for a different day.

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