MontagFoto 11.28.11—Life is made of moments, Kristina Rose

At an Encino rental home, Kristina Rose masturbates while standing up in a garage that has been converted into a makeshift photo studio. As I watch, I think, “If her vagina were a bass, she’d totally be thumping the A string right now.”

Her eyes are closed. Is she thinking, “I want to play bass in Gram’s band”?

It is May, 2009, and I don’t even have a band yet.

The event was the multi-girl “Big Butt Oil Orgy” movie, and Rose joined Sophie Dee, Phoenix Marie, Lisa Ann, and Ava Rose (no relation), among others, in getting all greased up.

Tarps were thrown down, heals clattered across hardwood floors, the air soon smelled of oil and Girl.

I take a lot of pictures of Kristina Rose; she looks different every time. I’d ask her on Twitter if she masturbates standing up, but she’d probably block me for it. I’ll ask her in person the next time I see her—then she’ll know my intentions are pure.

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  1. You did not read that Kristina Rose was having a baby, but that Ava Rose was having a baby, which she did, just over a year ago. I recall feeling an inexplicable sadness that I was not the father.

  2. Thanks Gram T.M. For my part, I am inexplicably happy that Ava and her gorgeous arse are still around.

    Hey, Ava vs Kristina ! that was like a real live game of porn trivia, just then, between us!

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