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If you leave two pornstresses together long enough, they will either crawl all over each other or tear the other’s eyes out.

It was most often the former on the sets of Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party. These were comparatively lavish all-girl affairs in which ten actresses would show up at a rental house or studio at 8 a.m. and proceed to drive each other into frenzies for the rest of the day.

Here are Kami Andrews and Missy Monroe from the first Pussy Party I attended in 2006. Both have left the porn side of the adult industry (there may be some stripping and escorting involved in their resumes today, but these rumors have gone unconfirmed) and I miss them, because they were always very warm to me.

This weekend I shot my first porn movie, a parody of “The Facts of Life.” As I have attended hundreds of porn sets and watched the work of dozens of directors, I can confirm my suspicion that it is more temperament than talent that makes a good porn movie, and that Cousin Stevie is a good porn director because put things together with a light touch and an instinct for herding cats.

I learned a while ago that sex scenes could be overdirected, and that a good director needs to know when to create the best possible situations for things to happen naturally.

For example, Missy Monroe’s ass wasn’t going to fuck itself, and Kami Andrews wasn’t not going to fuck someone with a dildo, but Cousin Stevie worked to make sure those two got together on a soft surface with enough room to roll around and pass out afterward.

Let Magic In!” I constantly said to my cast of turgidifying 20-year-olds this weekend, tears in our eyes.

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  1. Stanislavsky, Capra, and Hitchcock’s ghostly visages stood on the sidelines, nodding approvingly a la Return of the Jedi, no doubt.

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