MontagFoto 12.17.12—After the canary with Amber Rayne and Sindee Jennings

DSC09933As I was looking through my photos from a “Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party” from 2007—shots of Sindee Jennings squirting geysers on rental furniture and Amber Rayne fisting her anus—I thought, “I bet I can find something more sexy and less circusy.” And here it is.


When this photo was taken, both Rayne and Jennings had gone through a couple of rounds of solo and couples’ fucking (Pussy Parties lasted all day) and were taking a little break.


But you can kind of tell they were loosened up, and that putting on clothing was just an old habit.

I like this picture because there’s no porn star posing here, yet both Rayne and Jennings seem approachable in this picture, if not downright ready to go.

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