MontagFoto 12.5.11—Memphis Monroe’s Choky Christmas

If you’re like me, nothing evokes the holidays better than the slow application of pressure to the windpipe during sex. (Especially Chanukkah. Just saying that word makes me ejaculate and asphyxiate simultaneously, which has forced me to give up my synagogue tickets.)

Here is the chewy and corn-fed Memphis Monroe being sexocated by chokophile Evan Stone in Hustler’s “Christmas in Memphis.” The Hustler studio in Canoga Park was decked out with some of Larry Flynt’s personal lawn Christmas decorations for the shoot on a sweltering day at the end of July, 2006.

Studios like Adam & Eve prohibit depictions of choking during sex, and people like the late and lamented porn critic Den of Dayton would not review movies that had choking in them.

Personally I find some reminder of our mortality a welcome addition to any consummation of a loving relationship; anything from choking to burning to gunplay is narratively intriguing, or even saying something like, “No one will remember you when you’re dead” tends to heighten and lengthen climax at the Ponante household.

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  1. Gram: in your next porn, if you incorporate coitally-concurrent choking, burning, gunplay, and tenderly whispered but poignant reminders of one’s mortality, I vow to buy two copies–minimum–at full retail price on release date. I do hope you have the budget for anal next time, and I’d like to see a Blu-ray release. Thank you.

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