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Jenny Hendrix isn’t so much a mystery as much as there’s not enough of her to go around. She grew up in New Port Richey, FL, just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and I met her on the set of “Barely Legal 75,” (which, as of this writing, is almost 50 “Barely Legal”s ago).

Hendrix defines in context one of my favorite words: callipygian. In possession of attractive buttocks. The Greeks would marvel at statues of Aphrodite (kalli) and comment on her great rump (pyg). Yet Hendrix is half Filipina.

For a while between 2007 and 2009, Jenny was in just about every porn movie ever made, 1.) because her partial Filipinatasticness endowed her with an ass that stuck out like Florida, and 2.) (and much more importantly) she was fun to be around.

I saw her everywhere, profiled her in Xbiz, pulled her hair, and learned from her about hair extensions. It was an innocent time. She made me drinks. She was the first person I knew other than certain characters in “The Wire” who needed more than one cell phone, and she was the first person I knew who treated her iPhone like a pet, buying it presents. She was one of the first performers in the current porn agent system to break with her agent and book herself (Sasha Grey also did this).

But nothing, not even porn, holds the attention of Jenny Hendrix for very long. She comes back to L.A. from time to time, but she now lives in Las Vegas, doing Vegas-y things.

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  1. Callipygian–best vocab word ever, though the given etymology is a bit off: “kalli” means “beautiful” and doesn’t directly reference Aphrodite, but “kallipygos” was an epithet for a particular statue of said goddess. Apparently, her ass is so fine even she can’t help but stare…..

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