MontagFoto 2.4.13—Learning the ropes with Lorelei Lee

Ashley Jane, Maitresse Madeline, Lorelei Lee
Ashley Jane, Maitresse Madeline, Lorelei Lee

I imagine that it would be physically difficult not to be fond of Lorelei Lee, pictured tying the feet of Ashley Jane while consulting Maitresse Madeline’s rope manual. That is why I don’t deny nature and am fond of Lorelei Lee.

It was August, 2009, and I was visiting in San Francisco. This trio was about to embark on an adventure in the bowels of The Armory.

I try not to pose pictures, but this is an example of one in which 2/3 of the subjects are posed and 1/3 just happened to be there, texting while getting her feet bound.

The scene was for’s site “Wired Pussy,” and the poor Georgia-bred Jane was about to have some shocking things happen to her.

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