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Not to take anything away from the accessible Ashley Brooks, but the reason I like this picture from the set of “Hot for Teacher,” which director Roy Karch shot for the company SexZ Pictures (Karch is still here, SexZ is not) five years ago today, is what we learn about America from the set dressing.

You know how it is, by now, on porn sets: if the movie involves teachers, you’ve got to make sure you have a pair of glasses that come off when slatternly professors seduce or are seduced by their students. I guess you’ll also need a desk to have sex on and, if the production is flush with cash, a chalkboard, map, and maybe a globe. Those elements make for an all-purpose porn set classroom.

Moments before the scene is to be shot, the enterprising porn director will write useful things on the whorish teacher’s chalkboard for viewers to look at, just in case an obscenity court tries to prove that the film had no redeeming social value.

Thus, under the heading Interracial Sex in America, students are encouraged to read/know something about Jim Crow Laws, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “Huck Finn,” James Baldwin, and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” In addition, to understand Interracial Sex in America, further scholarship is required in Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Porn, Television, and Sports.

I don’t know about you, but I feel I learned something today. I wonder if Oprah would front me some cash to make my porn version of “The Color Purple”? That has some great sex scenes in it.

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